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Prostitution In Hong Kong 3

1.   "Compensated Dating"

1.   A typical Hong Kong "niche" market exploited by young, barely legal aged (just 16 and in some cases, illegally less than 16)  girls (and occasionally, boys trying to market themselves to "cougars" or gay men) that exploded with the availability of smart phone apps like WhatsApp and WeChat.

2.  Justified by the teens as

  • an easy way to make pocket money after school "through modelling and companionship" and 
  • to buy things they wanted; and
  • they did not always have sex (but might talk about it or just touch themselves in the presence of another person); and
  • they did not view themselves as prostitutes because they were going to school and therefore they were students who were simply looking for different company (which in reality was considerably older)
the phenomenon still exists, although it has gone underground after its initial media exposure.  It cuts across all socio-economic levels.  Mutliple WhatsApp and WeChat accounts by the same person means there is no way of telling how many kids are doing this.

3.  Whatever the euphemism, it amounts to prostitution.  It is illegal in Hong Kong.


Here's Looking At You

It's 1:45am, you're not exactly tired, but you're still awake. There's a buzz in your head from your choice of chem du jour. Yeah, you're loins are twitching, but so are your nerves. After all, your fingers were flying off the keyboard and there's that faint throb of incipient carpal tunnel syndrome that you'd rather ignore.

One hand moves up and down your shaft to keep it lubed and on standby. The other hand meanders your mouse. Your life's a crock and your idea of rationality is to buy peripherals from Logitech.

Like a gambler sinking in Vegas, you go for broke. Pounding out your most explicit ad yet, you throw it onscreen. Your eyes glaze as it shrieks back at you. Deep in your gut, you know you're the only one who'll ever reply to it.

Originally published 30 April 2006
Republished 1 December 2013 | 23 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 - 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

Double Penetration ?

1.   The Deceit On Gay Porn Sites 
2.   Gay Porn And Gay Behaviour Online

In the series Gays Online, FuelMix chronicled the antics of fags with a touchpad.  Essentially, the fag looking for a fuck, ends up fucking himself by his own chronic stupidity.

1.   The Deceit On Gay Porn Sites

1.  But there’s another level of Gays Online:  the deceit prevalent on gay porn sites.  It’s almost trite to observe the fag’s fascination (probably latent addiction) with porn.  That goes with the culture.  FuelMix has nothing against porn and recognizes porn’s contribution to the digital world.  See the post, Begging For Porn.

2.  But....while a fag is ogling the HD bareback fucks, he’s repeatedly fucked by fake chat window advertising.  These windows, claiming to be from someone close by in the local area, open on the lower right hand side of the screen.  There’ll be a pic of some dude and a few lines of chat message along the lines of, “Hey ! U horny? Me too!!  Wanna meet up? I’m really close by and can come over…..” 

3.  These chat window ads operate in a loop.  It's patently obvious that the dude isn't even in the country.  Close one and another pops up, close that and another pops up.  Close the main chat window advertising bar and the fag is bounced to another site which just happens to be the home page of the web cam chat operator.

4.  If the fag attempts to close that window, messages pop up "enquiring" if he’s sure he wants to leave.  If the fag clicks “Yes” he’ll be lucky if he returns to his original porn page. The worst offenders will start to cascade pages of gay porn temptation.  It can be pretty unnerving.  In fact, it’s predatory spamming.

5.  Gay porn sites claiming to be “Free” sometimes aren’t.  They’re chock full of 90 second previews, most of which is the usual legal verbage of the performers being over 18 and compliance with US law.  Wanna see the rest....? Sign up with a credit card.  The site is simply a teaser.

6.  What about gay web sites that attempt to infect a user’s computer with malware or spyware or adware?

7.  How about using dead gay porn stars and passing them off as the latest hot video releases?

8.  How about gay-for-pay porn stars having a number of stage names....? Especially when they leave one porn production company for another....? There's a gay porn site that has a section specifically devoted to unraveling the twists, turns and evolution of a gay porn star's name(s).

9.  Tried Googling a gay sex act like, “Gay Rimming”? There’ll be some genuine results to relevant sites.  What is astounding are the fake search results or the huge numbers of str8 porn sites using gay search engine terms to optimize their rankings.

10.  OK, so the web highway is like the street. One has to walk carefully.  But FuelMix would go further and suggest that chunks of Commercial Faggotry Online is really a slick Bait N’ Switch game with a high nuisance factor.  The absurdity is that it's simply accepted as par for the course.  Do Faggotry and its enablers screech about GAY businesses exploiting and deceiving their own gay consumers....? Nope.  But they'll point their fingers at others, no problem.

2.   Gay Porn and Gay Behaviour Online

1.   Close your eyes and one begins to discern similarities between gay porn websites and the behaviour of individual fags advertising for a hookup via an app or online :
  • constant repetition
  • fake stats
  • dubious or fake location( fuck GPS )
  • fake pics
  • thousands of men but very little real choice
  • fake names
  • explicit teaser ads
  • high nuisance or disappointment factor
  • always claiming to be available “now”………….

2.   The question is who is influencing whom?  When Hollywood is attacked for producing shallow, violent, brain deadening films, they respond by saying that's what the public wants.  

3.   Are the ethics and high failure rates of fags online simply a reflection of the morality of commercial gay porn?  

4.  Is the fag's simultaneous addiction to online porn and advertising via an app or online for a hook-up, perpetuating a behavioural feedback loop?

5.  We suspect so.

Originally published 20 November 2011
Amended and Republished 1 July 2014 | 23 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Gay Baiting

NOT to be confused with Gay Bashing.

Gay Baiting:  When hot str8 guys:

  • deliberately flirt with gay guys; OR 
  • pretend to cruise gay guys in the gym, hotel saunas, bars, the office or on the street; OR 
  • deliberately show off their cocks and bodies to gay guys in places where they know gay guys will gather
---in order to get admiration, attention, sexual invitations from the gay guy.  Gay Baiting operates as a Power Trip and Ego Stimulation for the str8 guy.

Underlining and Bold Print by FuelMix:

Gay people aren’t idiots. We know the difference between taking your shirt off to dance and have a good time, and taking your shirt off purposely to bait salivating gay dudes. Trust me, we have an intuition from the gods. Nothing gets past us.

Gay baiting is like someone waving a piece of chocolate cake in your face then throwing it in the trash. That’s torture for a chocolate lover like me, but for the sadist holding the plate, it can be more pleasurable than the cake itself.

People say gay baiting doesn’t exist. We try and give someone the benefit of the doubt because no one wants to admit they were used. What’s worse is we know we’re being used yet we fall for it every time – like a moth to a flame. We willingly walk into the trap because can’t stop ourselves. Before we know it we’re blaming gay people for what straight people do, but trust me – the last thing we want to do is blame each other.

Straight dudes know exactly what they're doing

What we see on television, movies, and advertisements is a reflection of culture. They dig from a constructed truth, a psychologically accurate view of how we think: where there is a hot body, our eyes shall travel. But are the rules starting to reverse? Are straight guys seeing what actors and models do and reflecting it towards reality?

A lot of straight men, at least in progressive cities, enjoy the fact they’re being gawked at. But it’s one thing to get a gay guy’s “hot” approval, and another thing to actually seek it out – to consciously flirt, tease and show off in front of them, only to have it be a “look, don’t touch” policy.

Last week, two extremely attractive guys at my gym were working out together. They stole the focus of everyone upstairs because not only did they look like porn stars, they were also Australian (which gives them extra points). In other words, they were off the charts HOT.

One of them smiled and winked at me, and scanned me up and down sexually. I’ve seen this type of “scan” before (we all have). There’s no doubting it was a cruising invite of sorts, so naturally I responded back not thinking anything of it. He got the hint.

For half an hour we’d look at each other in the mirror and smile, as we did bicep curls, deadlifts, yoga posing, seemingly for the purpose of showing off. A bit later, the two were in the wet sauna together – naked, rubbing each other’s legs talking about their girlfriends. Every once in a while, looking up and seeing gay guys admire them, then laughing at each other as if they were doing it on purpose.

To make matters even weirder, one of them lay naked on the bench next to the lockers – in a Hercules (and he was Hercules) style pose, watching as guys passed by to sneak a peek. Eventually, the rest of us in the locker room got the hint: whoever these dudes were loved the attention, and while they were planting seeds of possibility in our heads, everyone knew they were baiting us.

Why do straight guys gay bait?

At the end of the day it’s about power. If a man is a sex addict, or bisexual, or seeking affection from other guys, he doesn’t bait – he goes through with it. He won’t wave his abs or d*ck in your face and act dumb later saying, “Oh sorry…”

We go wild over it and they know it because they see our reactions to advertisements and TV/film scenarios, and they want the same attention. It’s a jacked up way to feel important or validated because, let’s face it, when you received the gay gaze, magical things happen.

But no matter who you are, leading someone on or blatantly teasing a person for no particular reason with nothing to gain, is wrong. It doesn’t make you look superior – it makes you look like an asshole, which immediately debunks you from our list. To all the gay baiters out there, we see you. 

---"To All The Gay Baiters Out There, We See You!", by David Artavia, The Real Gay Guy, June 22, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 26

Faggotry's social culture is very very late night: the bars and saunas don't usually kick in till midnight, then there's the after-party (or two).  Fags make a big deal of their partying in the wee small hours.  Just check out the ads in gay media for the bars, clubs and circuit parties.

But is a fag really the nite owl that he and gay media so proudly proclaim?


The reason a  fag hates to left alone late at night, is because that's when his true self comes out and frightens him.

Originally published 21 August 2010
Republished 27 September 2014 | 21 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Prostitution In Hong Kong 2


1.   Nightime In "Chicago", Tsim Sha Tsui
2.   The Legality Of Prostitution In Hong Kong

1.   Nighttime In "Chicago", Tsim Sha Tsui

1.   In Thieving Nigga 2, we listed the temptations facing Nigerian and Ghanaian businessmen staying in the cheap (really cheap) guesthouses in the run down Chungking Mansion and even more run down Mirador Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui - specifically on the corner of Nathan Road and Mody Road, across from the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, outside the 7-11 store (what FuelMix calls "Chicago"): 

(2)  Sex - in the Tsim Sha Tsui area very close to the cheap hostels and guesthouses in Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion where they stay during their trips.  Specifically, they go for the low grade whores that come out late at night on the corner of Nathan Road and Mody Road, outside the 7-11 (which in Part 1 we dubbed "Chicago"). Sometimes the whores are in the company of their unwashed Indian and Pakistani pimps or handlers.

These low grade whores are pretty sad and grizzly to look at.  We would not be surprised if they were part of a human trafficking syndicate. They consist of big-assed niggarettes, Bangladeshi, Indian and Ukranians.  We repeat: they're pretty sad and grizzly to look at.

2.   The Legality Of Prostitution In Hong Kong

1.  The de facto and apparently de jure minimum age of consent for sex (str8 or gay) in Hong Kong is 16. As far as gay sex is concerned, statute law still says 21.  But in a landmark court case involving 2 male teenagers aged 16 and 18, the Court  refused to convict stating that the age of consent had to be the same for str8 and gays, namely 16.  The Chief Justice even went on record to say they would not hear an appeal.  The government has not yet formally changed the law, but the view of the Court was so strong that the minimum age for consensual gay sex in Hong Kong is now regarded as 16.

2.   Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong.  Everything else related to it, is not.

3.  To put it more precisely, PRIVATE prostitution (male or female) is legal in Hong Kong.

4.   It is illegal for more that one prostitute to work on the same premises. This results in the famous "one person brothel" which is either a very small apartment or a number of sub-divided apartments in a larger flat.  That is why "massage parlours" are regularly raided.

5.   Prostitution and Soliciting for Prostitution in a gay sauna is illegal.  However, if a customer and a prostitute make direct contact outside or online and by private agreement, go to the gay sauna as a venue and then leave afterwards, that would be legal.

5.  If a customer shows up at a "one person brothel", it is illegal to hire 2 or more prostitutes within that space. So, a 3-some would be illegal.

6.  It is illegal for a prostitute to hire security or to have another sex worker as a guard. The tragedy of this are murdered prostitutes.

7.   It is legal for prostitutes to advertise online or via classified ads in newspapers - so long as a customer can make a direct appointment with the prostitute and not via a pimp.  Craigslist pages in Hong Kong are now infested with prostitution ads.

8.   Soliciting for sex is illegal.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

An Exception To The Rule

FuelMix is consistently told that he is better looking than average.  Whether the person saying it is lying or not, who cares....? The compliments are nice, they perk up your day, and let’s face it everybody likes some acknowledgment. 

But… a fag to fuck up even that simple act. 

Every so often, downtown, in the fag bar or in the gym, FuelMix will get hit on and it gets to the stage of a conversation. FuelMix's policy is to always acknowledge somebody’s attention. It shows good breeding and courtesy, even if they're not his type sexually or ethnically.  There are polite, non-personal ways of declining. It requires just as much practice as cruising. They're 2 sides of the same coin.

But there’s nothing more calculated to piss FuelMix off, than a fag who chimes, “I don’t usually look at or wanna have sex with non-Western foreign guys but in your case, I’m willing to make an exception, 'coz I think you’re hot”.

So let's see...
  • Is FuelMix supposed to be grateful he’s been singled out as an exception to a fag’s racial exclusion policy..?
  • Is this some lust driven compromise in which FuelMix is supposed to be a willing participant..?
  • Is the fag dropping his standards or raising them..?
  • Why does the fag need to make such a declaration as part of his cruising technique..?
From personal experience, it is usually the generic white fag that comes out with the lame line quoted above. They appear to think it would trigger FuelMix into dropping his tightie whities. 

Inevitably, it triggers FuelMix into dropping the fag.

Originally published 19 April 2007
Amended and Republished 10 November 2014 | 20 October 2016

© Copyright 2006-2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

Principles of Faggotry 25

"The more elaborate our means of communication, the less we communicate."

------Joseph Priestley

.....which explains why every technological advancement in communications, just makes it easier for a fag to lie - as a means of denying communication.

That's also why fags are notorious early adapters of cutting edge communication technology, both as a fashion statement and as a declaration of their complete lack of ethics.

Originally published 21 August 2010
Amended and Republished 27 September 2014 | 20 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Zombies





We reiterate our suggestion that all readers look at our 7-part series, The Zombies 2015-2017.  The series covers the following topics:

1.  Who Are The Zombies....?
2.  Why Should I Care....?
3.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The West
4.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 1
5.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 2
6.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage Asia
7.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The Planet 
8.  Understanding Your Place In A Shifting World

To our Western readers, or those located in the West, we suggest you focus on Parts 2, 3 and 4.

Individual posts are linked here:

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 1
1.  Who Are The Zombies..?
2.  Why Should I Care..?

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 2
3.   Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The West

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 3
4.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 1

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 4
5.  The Financial 3-Way Trap Facing The West - Part 2

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 5
6.  The Zombies Attempts To Sabotage Asia
The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 6
7.  Zombies Attempt To Sabotage The Planet

The Zombies 2015 - 2017  Part 7
8.  Understanding Your Place In A Shifting World 

Judging by the way 2016 is presently unfolding, our comments in each Part appear to be correct.  We maintain our position that 2016 will be an absolutely pivotal year - globally.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Drunk And Horny In The Alley


"Oh man...", groaned the 30-something slim GAM in English reeking of cheap lager, "I am soooo horny..!!.....but I can only suck cock when I've been drinking beer..."  He had cruised FuelMix on the streets of SoHo here in Very Rich Megacity and had followed him into an alley.  It was just after 7pm on a Saturday evening.

"That explains the bloodshot eyes...?" enquired FuelMix

"Heheheheh yeah..." slurred the GAM, his head tilting violently to the left. It was obvious he was drunk and couldn't look straight ahead.  His eyes rolled upward as he staggered, narrowly missing the 2 plump rats that scampered by.

"You should sit down.  You might hurt yourself", said FuelMix

"Why don't YOU sit down..?" slurred the GAM in a slightly leery tone.  Another plump rat scampered by.

"I'm not the one who's drunk", replied FuelMix

" No......I meant why don't YOU sit on MY face..?" mumbled the GAM, his head bowed, "you here. Nobody can see us..."  He pointed to an alcove in the alley, big enough for 3 people which was hidden by debris, stacked cardboard boxes and assorted alley junk.

"I'm not into rats", said FuelMix.

"I'm into YOU...!!" slurred the GAM trying to grin and focus, "you have a hot body..!!" He started licking his lips and stroking his crotch...

"How many beers have you had?" enquired FuelMix.

"I dunno.....about 9 or so..." muttered the GAM staggering slightly, "I have to drink before I can suck cock..."

"Why..?" asked FuelMix

"So I can deny all knowledge of sucking a guy.....I dunno if I'm gay or what.....all I know is that I love cock and swallowing's what I live for after I've been drinking.....I dunno if I'm gay, fuckin' clue.....just need cock and now..!!"

He fell to his knees directly in front of FuelMix, resting his face in FuelMix's crotch, inhaling deeply and gently kissing FuelMix's shorts.

"C'mon man.." he begged, "take it out...feed this boy your load..!!"

"You're too fuckin' drunk" said FuelMix, "you'd probably puke up all over my cock..."

"Duuuuude...." slurred the GAM still kneeling in front of FuelMix, his face still buried in the crotch of FuelMix's shorts while kissing his semi-hardening cock, "I'm an investment banker....bankers can buy anything with cash including a friend..."  He reached into his back pocket, fished out a wallet, pulled out 300 bucks and waved it at FuelMix, gently licking FuelMix's cock through his shorts.

"Investment banker huh..?" sneered FuelMix as a 4th plump rat scampered by in the evening shadows of the darkened alley, "You're already in the company of your friends, buddy.  Pay them."

FuelMix moved to one side.  The kneeling GAM fell face first into a pile of cardboard boxes, still clutching his cash.

FuelMix turned and walked out of the alley.

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 24

Gays claim it's abusive to refer to them as "fags".  But when they refer to other gay guys, most of it is abusive.  So it's a case of "abusive" when they receive it, but not when they give it.

Originally published 15 August 2010
Republished 26 September 2014 | 14 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Arena Sauna 7


2/F Wing Hing Mansion
16 Granville Circuit
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B

Tel: 2301 4500 (same number as the now defunct ABC)
Staff speak good English

It looks like the Fetish aspect of Arena is starting.  GAM guys are strutting around in jockstraps, thongs, metal cockrings, cut-off denim shorts, bringing their toys (one guy had a dildo, another one had a butt plug) and getting into watersports action in the showers.

Also, 30-something in shape white guys are showing up with their fetish wear or toys and getting in on the fun.

How do we know...?  We witnessed all the above on a weekday evening between 7pm and 11pm.  We were surprised at how uninhibited the guys were.  There was lots of group action, including amongst GAMs and GWMs.  It was not limited to the Dark Area but was taking place  in the showers, steam room, locker room and even the TV room.  Some guy were pretty good looking, some were average.  A few had gym bods. We counted about  21 people there at its peak.

We were a bit shocked and disturbed at how much bareback was going on openly.

Be aware that:
1.  At the moment, Arena has only been opened for just over a month.  There are not many people in there and it does not have a constant stream of people coming in 2 or 3 at a time (like Galaxy or My Way or Jungle).  We have been told that, since it is open 24 hours, a few people do come in very late at nite, even during the week, but it is not yet getting packed;

2.  Therefore, it can seem to be dead;

3.  Then, people will start coming in individually and reveal their accessories or fetish.  That's when the fun starts;

4.  It's a tricky call - but it's a combination of patience and timing.  We had previously said 4pm to 9pm during weekdays - but some GAMs there told us Midday to 10:30pm on weekdays and from early afternoons on weekends. We don't know what it's like on weekends as we haven't been;

5.  Remember, although it is not a large space, Arena is designed for group action.  That's what the boss told us;

6.  Getting action in Arena is certainly possible, if you're "dressed to impress" - and have the right accessories (Louis Vuitton tote bag not necessary);

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
 © Copyright 2006-2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 23

Urban myth will say that many men are Gay By Design.

Urban fact will show that many men are Fags By Default.

Originally published 10 August 2010
Republished 25 September 2014  | 11 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Principles of Faggotry 22

All the talk about "embracing diversity" in Fagland is a crock.  Travel to any Fagland and once past the superficially alluring physical appearances, the depressing reality is that behaviour, morality and integrity of fags worldwide is consistently sub-standard.  How can uniformly lousy standards amount to "diversity"?

Faggotry in its present form is no different to a global hamburger franchise.  The men may be stacked and super-sized, but neither their meat nor their buns are that good for you - and they both leave a lousy taste in your mouth.

Originally published 12 July 2010
Republished 22 September 2014 | 9 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Prostitution In Hong Kong 1

A young man has been arrested for allegedly setting up a high-end massage parlor for homosexuals in Mong Kok.

The 22-year-old was arrested in a sting operation in which a police officer posted as a gay customer.
After being admitted and the service arranged, he raised the alarm and officers raided the parlor in a unit of a commercial building on Nelson Street.

Under the Crimes Ordinance, those who manage a vice establishment face a maximum jail sentence of 10 years.

Masseurs at the parlor were required on its website to have attained tertiary education level or above, while holders of diploma or tertiary degrees in recreation, sports, club management, physical and occupational therapy were listed as "preferable."

Those without such an education background were required to score 5.5 in the International English Language Testing System. Candidates also needed to be able to converse in Putonghua. The age and height of the therapists were listed on the website, while among the services was a "massage by four hands or six hands."

Lubricants, massage beds, condoms, massage oil and HK$4,900 cash were seized in the raid.
Inspector Natalie Lam Pik-ka of the Mong Kok District Special Duty Squad said it had deployed male officers to several undercover operations before the raid.

Police believe the massage parlor was being run by an individual, not triads.

The suspect had operated a smaller parlor in the district and later expanded his business to the 500-square-foot unit on Nelson Street which had seven rooms and three massage beds, according to police.

A police source said the parlor made the HK$4,900 that was seized within two hours of opening on Wednesday night, just before the raid.

The source said the suspect received tertiary education and had been nominated for a school beauty pageant organized by the lifestyle magazine Yes!.

-----"Gay massage parlor boss nabbed in police sting", The Standard, 7th October 2016

FuelMix says:

1.   What a great case study to figure out the legality of Prostitution here in Very Rich Megacity.

2.   It would appear that this 22 year old former high school nominee for a male beauty pageant, decided to use his looks, education and entrepreneurial talent to hire only the better educated sports types with a better than average command of English and Mandarin. (Technically, there is a difference between Putonghua and Mandarin, but why quibble).

3.  Although no details were given in the report about his client base, we're assuming it was aimed at expatriates and Mainland Chinese clients.  In other words, theoretically the clientele is upscale - but Far East Consortium Mongkok Building isn't.

4.  Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Wanchai have for decades been the heterosexual massage parlour and brothel centers in Hong Kong. It's not surprising given just how many old, decrepit or nondescript buildings dating from the 1940s and 1950s are found there.   In Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei for example, they virtually line Nathan Road and the side streets.  If you're observant and happen to be in Mong Kok or Yau Ma Tei after, ooooohhh say, 9:30pm, you might even see white males darting into the dingy staircases with the yellow neon signs. (As they pass you, they'll be reeking of beer).

5.  Putting it another way, Mong Kok and Yau Ma Tei are sexually charged neighbourhoods as well as hugely popular shopping and eating areas with late nite closing hours. Locating a gay massage parlour in the same area, made perfect sense.

6.   Not convinced..?  The building in which the gay massage parlour was located, is known as Far East Consortium Mongkok Building, 240 - 244 Portland Street, near the corner with Nelson Street:
  • That's next to MTR Exit E1....which just happens to be the Exit to Alexander, located less than 5 minutes away;
  • Not far from MTR Exit A2...which just happens to be the Exit to Big Top and Hutong, located less than 5 minutes away;


The Legality Of Prostitution In Hong Kong

French Man Whores In The City

With the French economy imploding and the French trash who chain-smoke, piss and spit right here in our streets and alleys, just like they do in Paris  being a fast growing foreign clique here in Very Rich Megacity,  the arrival of French man whores on the usual escort sites and local Craigslist pages was predictable.

One even offers a fresh towel.......

We're not sure whether to be delighted or just baffled that this happens to be his Unique Selling Proposition. But it raises a more serious question.........other than height, weight, body type, ethnicity, dick, price and personality, what more can a man whore say to distinguish himself from the predominantly Mainland Chinese crowded competition......?

It's not surprising they throw in the towel......

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!! what.....?? you fuckin' faggots didn't see THAT one coming.....???

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Principles of Faggotry 21

When a fag declares he only has safe sex in the sauna, ask him which part of the sauna.....


There's a high chance you'll see him fucking bareback in the showers, using the shampoo as lube.

Originally published 25 June 2010
Republished 10 September 2014 | 8 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Principles of Faggotry 20

Even if your profile is on the chat room, the first thing the idiot fag will say when he pvts you is, "stats?"

More often than not, this will happen after 9pm in your local time zone, when there is a higher probability that the idiot fag is also drug-fucked.

Originally published 12 June 2010
Republished 6 September 2014 | 8 October 2016

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Friday, October 07, 2016

True Pride 2

True Pride is knowing that as a gay man, you are always improving.

Improving all aspects of your life, incrementally, in small steps.  Always.

True Pride never requires another gay man, an online ad or an App to validate you.

True Pride never requires your colleagues at work to validate you.

True Pride never requires you to come out to anyone.

Except yourself.  For yourself.

True Pride requires you to be Selfish.  To be authentic to yourself and for yourself.

True Pride requires you to act and speak from your Truth as you see it.

True Pride requires You to be brave.

True Pride requires You to be better at who you already are.

.....and then from online, the streets, the office, the bars, the gyms and the saunas, the men will come running.

They will want what you have become.

Copyright © 2006 – 2016 FuelMix All Rights Reserved   

Thieving Nigga 3

Stupid Gay White Tourists Looking To Fuck The Downtown Niggas.....What They Don't Know...

3.  They're Muslim And There's A Mosque In (Cruisy) Kowloon Park.
4.  You Think You're Gonna Get One Of Those Niggas Past Hotel Security...??
5.  Tying It All Together

3.  They're Muslim And There's A Mosque In (Cruisy) Kowloon Park

1.  Having correctly said that on Sundays Kowloon Park is an ethnic meat market where the niggas and Pakis are hunting for Filipina pussy and/or hashish, one should also remember that many of these Tsim Sha Tsui niggas are Muslim.  There's a large Mosque in the south-east corner of Kowloon Park, next to the steps leading up to the park from Nathan Road and the Park Lane shops.

2.  What does that mean for the stupid gay white tourist naively looking to suck downtown black cock....?? 

3.  It means that many of these African niggas are rabidly homophobic.  Combine that with Theft, Drugs, Threats and Intimidation which we wrote about in Part 2 and at best, the nigga is gay-for-pay.

4.  It is a very dangerous combination.

4.  You Think You're Gonna Get One Of Those Niggas Past Hotel Security...?

1.  All the major hotels *** in Tsim Sha Tsui are fully aware of what goes on in Golden Mile, Kowloon Park and "Chicago". For example, The Holiday Inn Golden Mile, just across the road from "Chicago" beefs up its security late in the evenings and overnight as the low-grade whores congregate outside Mirador Mansion and their hotel till about 8am in the morning.

2.  These Nigerians and Ghanians stick out like sore thumbs - by the way they look, dress, act and talk.  By themselves, they would not enter the major hotels in the vicinity.  You can call it racial profiling.  It is what it is.  

3.  Where the nigga is in the company of a gullible, naive white fag tourist, expect to be watched and closely observed.  The hotels have a vested interest in their reputation and security. And you, white fag, have a vested interest in your personal safety.

*** Holiday Inn Golden Mile
***Hyatt Hotel, K11
***Kowloon Hotel
***The Peninsula Hotel
***Sheraton Hotel
***Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel
***Marco Polo Prince Hotel
***Marco Polo Gateway Hotel
***Royal Pacific Hotel
***The Salisbury (The YMCA)

4.  What about going back to the nigga's cheap guesthouse or hostel in Chungking Mansion or Mirador Mansion....?  Are you out of your fuckin' mind....??  We've heard anecdotally and from other white tourists' experiences, that it is a set up - and the guesthouse management is not interested in doing anything about it because they rely on a steady stream of niggas for business.

5.  If you're white and hooking up with a white dude who's also staying in those guesthouses, you might be safe.

5.  Tying It All Together

1.  The Niggas in Tsim Sha Tsui are mainly from West Africa.  We won't bother commenting on their health status.  Many of them are Muslim from countries where Sharia Law is prevalent. Even if Sharia Law is not prevalent,  they are rabidly homophobic and easily tempted by low-grade whores and easily available hashish.  The notorious "Chicago" street corner outside the 7-11 is a daily late-nite scene that kicks in from about 11pm till 8am.  Then the niggas sleep during the day.

2.  The niggas move in gangs, minimum 3. A stupid white fag tourist cruising alone for a nigga and not having a fuckin' clue what goes down in Tsim Sha Tsui, is dead meat - day or night.

3.  Stay out of the nigga's guesthouse.  Don't fall for the con to come back to his room.  It's a set up.

4.  Do not bring the nigga back to your hotel room.  It's just not worth it.

5.  Everybody knows that Kowloon Park (and the swimming pool and the locker rooms) is veeeerrrry gay cruisy, 7 days a week, particularly in the evenings.  It is no secret.  Even the str8 guys know it and they are showing up, particularly after work.  On weekends, it gets even more gay or bi-curious cruisy. More white tourists have also found  Because there are (as at October 2016) 3 gay saunas in the vicinity- Galaxy, Birds and Arena (Arena is open 24 hours) - and word gets around.

6.  Be aware that on the gay side, there are Mainland Chinese hustlers (who entice customers back to their guesthouses in Jordan) and some gay-for-Paki or Indian guys.

7. If it's black meat you're after, you are safer hitting the gay saunas around town and seeing what shows up.  We are aware that blacks from the US, UK and Europe show up in  Action, Alexander and Central Escalator. There should not be any issues with them.

8.  We trust that we have now given enough information to the stupid white gay tourist staying in a Tsim Sha Tsui hotel, desperately horny for nigga cock.  We refuse to entertain any allegations that we are racist.  We are calling it like it is.

9.  You have been warned. The rest is up to you.

Originally published 23 October 2015
Amended and Republished 7 October 2016

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