Friday, February 24, 2017

Destruction, Disruption And Dissonance 5


When *Bias*, *Censorship*, *Distortion*, *Hysteria*, *Lies*, *Manipulation*, *Propaganda* and *Smear* Are So Blatant...
What Does "Trusted Media" Do...?  More of The Same...!!


2.   What Is Fake News?
3.   Einstein Was Right
4.   How's The Apocalypse Working For You..?
5.   Western Insanity: The Liberal-Fascist AND Ultra-Right Wing
6.   The Power of the Fifth Estate..?
2.  What Is Fake News..?

Inspired from an anonymous commenter on ZeroHedge, with amendments by FuelMix: 

  • Fake News: Actual news, with sufficient misleading editing to provide the criminals a smokescreen to start directing public perception for, or against, a certain group or issue.
  • Everyday Fake News: Actual news, edited to pretend the criminals are actually victims, and the victims actually criminals. May use high degree of Political Correctness to trigger and control outrage.
  • Investigative Fake News: News pretending that people (whether competitors or targeted "enemies", locally or abroad) are criminals.  Often intended when the target's actions go against another group's self-assumed "superior" ideology. Used to further direct public perception for, or against, a certain group or issue.
  • Very Fake News: Completely made-up news, quoting "reliable sources" who are (often highly paid) professional liars, or riddled with conflicts of interest.
  • Editorial: see Everyday Fake News.  Also used as "trial balloons" by those manipulating the media, in order to judge public opinion or sentiment.

 3.  Einstein Was Right

1.  The physicist, Albert Einstein is credited with saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for a different result. 

2.   What is transpiring in God's Own Country with astonishing clarity, is a (mainstream) media frenzy of orchestrated insanity.  We can think of no other way of describing it.  It is a combination of Control, Conspiracy, Collusion, Complicity and Contrivance.


Destruction, Disruption And Dissonance 4


When *Bias*, *Censorship*, *Distortion*, *Hysteria*, *Lies*, *Manipulation*, *Propaganda* and *Smear* Are So Blatant...
What Does "Trusted Media" Do...?  More of The Same...!!


1.   Classic Images
2.   What Is Fake News?
3.   Einstein Was Right
4.   How's The Apocalypse Working For You..?
5.   Western Insanity: The Liberal-Fascist AND Ultra-Right Wing
6.   The Power of the Fifth Estate..?

1.  Classic Images

We think the following images are destined to become classics:

Copyright in the images vests in the lawful copyright owners.


2.  What Is Fake News..?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Racism In Gay Porn Industry

White Porn Actors Refuse To Perform With Blacks And Asians
It's That "Preference" Thing Again 


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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Epic Fails

Presented without further comment:

Let’s do it !!
Your pic gets mine
No endless e-mails
No timewasters
If it’s up I’m looking
If it comes to it
Sorry no Asians, just a preference
Never done this before
Str8 but curious
Drunk but horny
Come over now
Will reply if interested
Bi jock
No reciprocation necessary
Just walk in, let me drain you and go
Quickie lunchtime fun
Looking for quality guys only
Quick cummers A+
Hosting for small group fun
I’m drug free but love poppers
Swimmers build
Wife out of town, so can play
Rugby player’s build
Must be at least 7.5 inches
Have a GF so must be discreet
White guys to the front of the line!!
Just looking to mess around
6 days load of cum
Completely str8 looking, str8 acting
Hotel door will be open, I’ll be blindfolded
Read my ad carefully before replying
At the airport now

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 66

1.  Politically correct pundits of urban faggotry will scream long and hard that being "gay" is a "lifestyle choice". 

2.  But these same pundits will turn eerily quiet when asked to explain why so many fags choose addiction as a "lifestyle choice".

Originally published 18 November 2012
Republished 1 November 2014 | 21 February 2017

Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn 4


FuelMix does not have any political or religious affiliation
5.   The Politics Of Rage (Or, We Told You So)

1.  In the post, The Politics Of Rage, we said this:
2.   Anger Building For Years

1.  It's NOT about one election in one country or the personalities involved.  At best, one country's election are simply a symptom and metaphor for the massive sense of GLOBAL rage that's been building since we believe September 11, 2001.  Yeah that date.

2.  To us, that date marks the start of a policy of economic, financial and military genocide that has had - by design - utterly disastrous results.  In other words, The World Management Team that was manipulating events, was absolutely banking on the GLOBAL creation of never-ending chaos, human misery, economic inequality, artificially inflated asset bubbles, outrageous debt creation, debasement of currency and fraud.

2.   When societal dystopia reaches hyper-exaggerated levels (as in what we appear to be witnessing these days), individual and collective anger is a predictable corollary.   We've written about this at length in posts such as:
3.   In Violence, Islamophobia And Gay Porn, we said this:
3.  What Is Driving Such Extremism..?

1.   ....... Look around the world these days and it's blatantly obvious that there is a massive spike in social, political and economic fault lines, schisms, polarizations, political distrust - peppered with disinformation, propaganda, corruption, fraud, lies, skewed justice in favour of the well-connected and seemingly endless wars.

2.   Overlay this with the acknowledgement that this is also the Apocalypse, the true meaning of which, is that which was hidden is now revealed......and one trait becomes obvious: there is anger everywhere in the face of what is being revealed. That anger is being fueled by a sense of betrayal and powerlessness, with the suspicion that this Chaos is being blatantly manipulated.

4.  We then went on to say:
4.   The Extreme Vigilante Mentality

1.   The anger has to be channeled somewhere.  That cascading sense of tumultuous social, economic, political and geopolitical anger fueled by betrayal and powerlessness, encourages an extreme vigilante mentality.

2.   That will manifest as:
  • an armed to the teeth, mercenary, lawless, survival-oriented, frontier-mentality in real life; and / or
  • vicariously violent, explicit, sexually extreme depictions of hatred of an identifiable group - for sexual gratification.  Remember, porn has always been an outlet for stress;

6.   Now It All Makes Sense


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Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn 3

FuelMix does not have any political or religious affiliation

3.  Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn:  Convergence
4.  Faggotry Has A Little Problem...

3.  Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn:  Convergence

1.  For the record, we're not condoning or condemning the existence of violent and hate-filled gay porn.  We accept that on the continuum of the porn spectrum, people's "preferences" are going to be all over the place.  We are simply, and hopefully authentically, informing readers of what's out there and how it is possible to slip into these sites without even having the intention to find them - simply by clicking on a (sometimes innocently-named) source link that takes one down an eye-opening rabbit hole.

(a)  Targeted Groups In Violent Gay Porn:
  • Immigrants;
  • Muslims;
  • Jews;
  • Blacks;
  • "Faggots","Perceived Faggots" and "Sub-human Faggots";
  • "Faggot" Cash Slaves rich or poor;
  • Twinks; 
  • Anyone in a position of authority in the establishment;
  • Catholic priests;
for abduction, savage beatings, hunting, torture, mutilation and murder.  Large amounts of graphic imagery on par with the most violent of video games, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.  Gratuitous violence condoned and actively encouraged on such sites

(b)  Vehicles Of Violence and Hatred In Gay Porn:
  • Subliminal programming encouraging either extreme Alpha dominance or "faggot" and "sub-human" subservience with graphic imagery.  Available for free on Tumblr gay porn sites;
  • Satanic worship - sexual and blood lust (independent of gay satanic porn sites);
  • Crystal meth and crack cocaine binges - with images to match;
  • Neo-Nazi skinheads or "Aryan" gay white supremacists - not self-identifying as "faggots";
  • Glorification of the ideal white male muscled physique;
  • Weaponry - pistols, assault rifles, knives, ropes, chainsaws;
  • "Stealth Pozzing" i.e. being HIV+ and:
(i) engaging in bareback sex by lying about, or without disclosing, HIV status in order to infect one or more people;  OR
(ii) deliberately damaging condoms beforehand, knowing they would be useless and break during sex, coupled with lying about, or not disclosing, HIV status;

(c)  Stated Intentions Of Violent Gay Porn Sites:
  • Racism and anti-immigrant stance;
  • Glorification of violence;
  • Extreme violence as a source of gratuitous and sexual pleasure;
  • Removal of unwanted groups as "vermin", "filth" and "inferiors"
  • Exploitation as a source of pleasure;
  • Human blood sports;
  • Repudiation of religious dogma;
  • Spreading disease as an act of creative destruction;

4.   Faggotry Has A Little Problem.....

1.   It can be said that str8 people are probably engaging in their share of viewing violent and hate-filled porn.  Heterosexuals aren't as innocent as they look.

2.  That might be true.

3.  But str8 people don't have the habit of screeching "stereotyping", "outrage", "violation", "discrimination", "victimization" and "hate crime".

4.  Faggtory does.

5.  And yet, easily accessible on the Web (without going to the Dark Web) is some of the most extreme, violent and hate-ridden gay porn that completely torpedoes any and all tenets of Faggtory's Gospel namely, Political Correctness, respect for minorities, tolerance and diversity.

6.  In fact those gay sites have taken Faggotry's vocabulary of "stereotyping", "outrage", "violation", "discrimination", "victimization" and "hate crime" to new depths of depravity.  And there's nothing that Faggotry and its enablers can do about it.

7.  In The Huge Rise Of Gay Scat Porn 1, we said this:
Best as we can tell, there are 3 main topics that make gay men nervous:
  • Gay Scat Porn;
  • Gay Subliminal Porn;
  • Gay Devil Worship and Satanic Porn;
Whether it's denial, fear, loathing or ignorance, these subjects exist in real time and in cyber. In fact, they are proliferating in cyber.  They represent the very extreme limits of "the gay lifestyle". We suspect that the numbers of men involved in one or more of them is much higher than anybody would guess.

Constructing an intelligent narrative that confronts the denial, fear, loathing and ignorance that surrounds these subjects is not for the faint-hearted or the easily terrified. The proclivities not only reside deep in the psyches of the individuals who engage in such practices, but reflect what's happening in the very deepest sub-basement of the gay sub-culture......"
The same comments apply when analyzing violence and hatred in gay porn.


5.   The Politics Of Rage (Or, We Told You So)
6.   Now It All Makes Sense

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Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn 2

 FuelMix does not have any political or religious affiliation

2.  Countries Going In The Right Or Wrong Direction

1.  In November 2016, Ipsos Public Affairs asked this question to over 18,000 people in 25 countries.  The context was societal polarization on so many issues:
Generally speaking, would you say things in this country are heading in the right direction, or are they off on the wrong track?

Chart source:

2.  Ipsos then went a step further and asked respondents to select their Top 3 Worries from a list of 17 options.  The second chart is below.  

3.  Note the responses given by so-called First World Countries  in the above chart. In Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Italy, South Korea and France, the majority of the respondents said their countries were headed in the wrong direction. 

(b)  Note the responses given by 2 of the so-called Second World Countries (the Eastern European countries that were communist-socialist industrial countries in the sphere of influence of the former Soviet Union).  In Poland and Hungary, the majority of the respondents said their countries were headed in the wrong direction.

(c)   And then note where the chart gets interesting:  At the very top of the chart. In China, India and Russia the majority of the respondents said their countries were headed in the right direction.

(d)  Well, that's awkward.....what happened to the much vaunted happy "highly developed"  First World countries.....their quality of life, their freedoms, their democracies, their relatively low crime rates, their health care..?

4.  Turns out, rather a lot. Take a look at the second chart which is about 17 global worries.  The 2 biggest global worries are economic namely "Unemployment" and "Poverty And Social Inequality".

Charts source:

5.  As Visual Capitalist correctly points out (underlining and bold print by FuelMix):
Issues such as “Terrorism”, “Rise of Extremism” or “Immigration Control” are surprisingly in the middle of the pack, though it is worth keeping in mind that the above data is at a global level. These issues would likely rank higher in Western countries than in places like China, Russia, or India.

6.  It is the second chart that provides the answers to why violence and hatred is appearing in gay porn - of all places.


3.  Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn:  Convergence
4.  Faggotry Has A Little Problem...

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Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn 1

FuelMix does not have any political or religious affiliation

1.  What Are These Images Doing On Gay Porn Sites..?
2.  Countries Going In The Right Or Wrong Direction
3.  Violence And Hatred In Gay Porn:  Convergence
4.  Faggotry Has A Little Problem... 
5.  The Politics Of Rage (Or, We Told You So) 
6.   Now It All Makes Sense

1.  What Are These Images Doing On Gay Porn Sites..?

1.  Here are some of the more "tame" images easily accessible on  several Tumblr gay porn sites - simply by clicking on links. These sites are apparently curated by individuals who appear to be US citizens.  We're not going to speculate on their actual sexual orientation (since these gay sites also include images of graphic violence against gay men) and we are not picking on any one country.  We would not be surprised if similar images existed on European or other foreign language sites.

2.  Lamestream Faggot media which works overtime to ensure that the Saccharin-coated, Splenda-flavoured image of "the community" is sweetened at all costs, won't touch topics like violence and hatred in gay porn.  It would force them to confront some uncomfortable truths which they would much rather avoid.

3.  As we said in Principles of Faggotry 59:
1.   Many fags brag that they are well traveled.

2.  It's usually true.

3.   They flee from one State of Denial to another.


2.  Countries Going In The Right Or Wrong Direction

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 65

Many ghetto fags who claim that they consciously came out of the closet, are unconsciously living in an emotionally gated community.  Look closely and it's clear that Pride and Loathing are always found together in the gay ghetto.

Originally published 11 November 2012
Republished 1 November 2014 | 20 February 2017

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sauna Talk 3

Received from a reader:


I suspect that Hutong is trying to take a chance to rip customers off based on the closure of Alexander, and the bad reviews from Arena. Not only the official admission is increased from $179 to $199, but also the promotion prices of Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are all raised from $129 to $179, a staggering 40%. In fact, the sauna market in HK is not healthy at the moment. I realize how I miss the time when Alexander was on its hay days. At least they didn't do door policy or that many different tiers of prices.  

Arena is really a big shame and probably the last chance that the ABC-Gateway group could've had to re-gain its momentum. However, Arena is a mistake and I can just see the collapse of the once legendary ABC-Gateway group. 

There's a rumour that Action is going to close up too. Can you verify that? 

I also find that in order for a gay sauna to be successful, the location has to be in Mongkok. Since the opening of the Kwun Tong line extension and South HK Island Line, it's much easier and quicker for residents travelling from East Kowloon and South HK Island travelling to the Kowloon Peninsula. Mongkok has been the most convenient place to other areas of HK compared to TST and the HK Island, it has now cemented its position as the "Gay Sauna Capital" of HK and this advantage will further be strengthened when the other lines are opened to service ( East West line ,East Rail Line HK Island extension, West Kowloon High Speed Railway, etc). 

What's your opinions?
A loyal reader

FuelMix says:

1.   We smirked on learning about Hutong's 40% jack of its "promotional" prices on Mondays - Wednesdays from HK$129.00 to HK$179.00.  Presumably, no explanation was given.  It's a well known law in Business that those who price gouge, run a higher risk of going out of business.

2.  By contrast, a small but very well known barber shop in Central was faced with a stiff rent increase.  It's haircut prices went up by HK40.00.  They published a letter and placed it on the Reception Desk, fully explaining what had happened, that the landlord refused to negotiate, that they had looked for alternative premises and that they were forced into raising their prices.  The result was that all their clients stayed - and they got additional business.  Simply by being straightforward and honest.

3.  Being straightforward and honest in pricing is NOT something that describes many Hong Kong gay saunas. Publishing their online prices in Chinese only, then replying to customers' email by saying, "show up first and then we'll tell you the price promotion in English," is guaranteed to piss people off.  The only saunas that are straightforward and honest in their pricing are Galaxy and KK Fitness.  Both cater to older customers.

4.  We do not miss Alexander.  We miss Towel Club in Causeway Bay for the size of its premises and the hot guys.  It collapsed in Hong Kong and in Singapore (and like California Fitness, scammed a few guys out of prepaid cash).

5.  We have not heard anything about Action closing.   

6.  We agree that the sauna market in Hong Kong is not healthy.  It is very, very suspicious.

7.  Mong Kok might have been the "Gay Sauna Capital of Hong Kong" when it had 4 saunas in a cluster : Alexander, Big Top, Club Houzz and Double.  Not now.  It has 2: Hutong (formerly Double) and Big Top.

(b)  To put it more accurately, we would say Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok are the gay sauna zones in Kowloon. Yau Ma Tei has the popular Jungle and Rainbow, both open 24 hours (although we are not hearing good things about Rainbow, especially staff attitude and the small size of the premises).

(c)  On Hong Kong Island, Causeway Bay is the zone with Action (not open 24 hours) and My Way (open 24 hours).

(d)  Tsim Sha Tsui with 3 saunas namely Arena (24 hours), Birds (not open 24 hours) and Galaxy (not open 24 hours) is a major disappointment and at the moment, has completely lost out on a potentially lucrative tourist market, given that so many hotels are within walking distance.

(e)  Our view is that in the absence of a really fantastic sauna opening up, Big Top, Hutong and My Way will be the places to go.  (The majority of whites will as usual, huddle in Central Escalator).

8.  Hong Kong has totally fucked itself in the Asian gay sauna scene. The official moniker of "Asia's World City" means nothing in this context.  Talking around, here are some Asian cities ranked by gay sauna quality and the hot guys who show up:

  1. Bangkok;
  2. Singapore,
  3. Taipei;
  4. Kuala Lumpur;
  5. Seoul;
  6. Hong Kong;

9.  We invited readers to submit sauna reviews from any Asian city so that everybody could benefit from their observations.  We have NOT received any Asian city sauna reviews for years.  What does THAT tell you about commitment to share information.....??
"Ohh.." squeals the fag, "we can find out on Utopia and Gaysia...!!"
"Gee...that's funny" says FuelMix, "readers told us our Hong Kong sauna reviews are far better and more accurate than anything written on Utopia and Gaysia..."

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice;
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 64

Fags will frequently and knowingly take the risk of exposing themselves to others in back alleys, public toilets, buses, staircases and online, yet hardly ever knowingly take the risk of exposing their authentic self to themselves.

Originally published 31 October 2012
Republished 1 November 2014 | 17 February 2017

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Galaxy Sauna 25

5th Floor, Harilela Mansion
81 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit C
Tel: 2366 - 0629

No website that FuelMix knows of

12 Noon - 11pm Mondays - Sundays
(8:30pm onwards mostly empty)
Staff do NOT speak good English OR may speak some English

FuelMix has written off Galaxy.  Will not upload his reviews
(Readers may submit theirs)

Yesterday, FuelMix was informed by a friendly GAM-Throat-On-The-Street that, as part of a cost-saving move, Galaxy has removed all condoms and lubes from the private cabins.

Customers have to pick them up from a container on the Reception Desk, where the staff can keep an eye on how many are being taken.

The reason for this change was given as "over-usage".  We're not sure what that actually means......whether that was guys having multiple fucks, or guys stealing them for personal use.  Hell, we've all done both.

Nevertheless, it adds some credibility to earlier published reports that Galaxy was seeing a downturn in its business.
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice;
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Arena Sauna 11

FIST AND FETISH (apparently) 

2/F Wing Hing Mansion
16 Granville Circuit
Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit B

Tel: 2301 4500 (same number as the now defunct ABC)
Staff speak English

FuelMix has written off Arena. Will not show up.  Will not upload his reviews.
See Arena Sauna 9
(Readers may submit their reviews)

...And The Reports About Arena Keep Getting Worse...

1.  One GAM's Miserable Experience On Valentine's Day
2.  The Staff Doubt How Long Arena  Will Last

Heading towards the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, FuelMix was intercepted by a friendly GAM-Throat-On-The-Street wearing a look of utter disgust and anger.

"...never seen you look so handsome!" cooed FuelMix provocatively, suspecting he was about to get an earful about something.

"AAaaaiiiiyaahhh...!!"  screeched GAMTOTS, "I went to Arena last know, Valentine's Day...I thought OK, maybe some guys there...I went at 8pm.  Just as I entered, 3 people were leaving.  Do you know how may people were there...?"

FM:  Tell me...

GAMTOTS:  Two.!... TWO!!

FM:  Well,  a Tuesday night at 8pm might not be the best time...

GAMTOTS:  This was Valentine's Day..!!  I thought gay men would be horny - and Arena is open 24 hours, Physical gym is nearby and that has many gay guys from California...I thought OK, give it another try.....just TWO people there.....!! 

FM:  Doing what..?

GAMTOTS:  Sitting there..!!  Just sitting there..!!  If I had been to Big Top or Hutong or My Way, even at 8pm on a weekday, there would have been more people there and good chance of action.  In Arena, NOTHING..!!

FM: long did you stay..?

GAMTOTS: 40 MINUTES..!!  Nobody else came.  Those 2 other guys just sat there. Then I had enough.  I was sooooo angry.  Even in the Dark Room, there was only one video screen playing.  The other seemed to be switched off.  So, there could not have been many people there for a few hours.

FM:  Sad.

GAMTOTS:  When I left, I spoke to the staff guy.  I told him I have been to Arena several times - weekday evenings, Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons and evenings, Sunday afternoon, even Public Holidays.....and EACH time hardly anybody there....just maybe 4 or 5 people that's it. And not good looking guys,  I asked him what is going on here..?  This is supposed to be open 24 hours.

FM:  And...?

GAMTOTS:  He said Sunday afternoons best time, but I don't believe him.  I told him I have come at many different times and that something is wrong here.  The place is NOT working and they are charging too much money for nothing. They are in Tsim Sha Tsui and should be getting locals and tourists like ABC since they are open 24 hours. Then, he said not many people come here and he is not sure how long they can stay open.  He could see I was angry.  I was surprised he said that, but he should know.

FM:  Really sad. It has been open several months and people just don't like it.

GAMTOTS:  The way they designed the space is horrible.  Not comfortable and very cramped.  I don't get a good feeling about Arena's future.  Such a waste of time and money.
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice;
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Principles of Faggotry 63

Over time, in his online life, a fag's cock size increases while his age decreases.

Originally published 22 October 2012
Republished 31 October 2014 | 14 February 2017

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sauna Talk 2

Received from a reader:

Hi FuelMix 

I'd like to talk about something I found quite interesting but true of the Sauna phenomenon. We can almost use the visitorship of gay saunas as an economy index of a given region. It works the same way too to indicate the financial status of a given person in a given period. For example, generally speaking, from my experience, when the economy is booming, gay saunas tend to be busier at all times; At pay-days, you might also find it more bustling in the saunas than the end of a pay-circle; after any major celebrations or golden holidays i.e. Christmas, CNY [Chinese New Year], etc saunas seem to be more quiet.

Based on the above theories, we can be quite sure to say that Hong Kong's (or the whole of Asia's) economy is at least doing better than a lot of places in the West. We can also work out roughly which dates are the best to visit a sauna and which days to avoid. 

BEST: the last weekend of a month; Mid-week days (normally Wednesdays) after-work hours to saunas near office areas(When office crowds find it most stressful from work) ; 

TO AVOID: The weekend just before the pay-day; The eve and during long holidays and celebrations (Christmas, Easter, CNY etc); Mondays, Tuesdays; 

Saunas at tourist areas or for special targets are exempt from these rules. 

I'd like to see your opinions.

A loyal reader

FuelMix says:

1.  Clever observations.  We would refine your comments as follows:

2.  Here in Very Rich Megacity, on the eve of a Chinese public holiday or important event in Chinese Culture, particularly where there is the obligatory Chinese family dinner at home, saunas will be dead. So beware:

  • Eve of Chinese New Year - even though MTR running all night;
  • Eve of Dragon Boat Festival (varies end of May - early June);
  • Eve of Mid-Autumn Festival (varies end of September - early October);
  • Winter Solstice (not a public holiday) usually around 22 December;

3.  On the eve of a Western public holiday here in Very Rich Megacity, such as:
  • Christmas Eve; 
  • New Year's Eve (MTR running all night);
  • the Thursday before Easter Friday;
the saunas can have enough people there, as there is no obligation to have the traditional Chinese family dinner at home. 

3.  In the afternoons and evenings of the actual public holidays, saunas can be packed.

4.  Note also what we call the "horny Gay Holidays" of:
  • Valentine's Day - 14 February;
  • Halloween - 31 October;
the saunas will have people there. If those "Gay Holidays" fall on a Friday or Saturday then in the evenings, the saunas should be packed;

Copyright © 2006 – 2017 FuelMix All Rights Reserved 

Sauna Talk 1

Submitted by a reader:

Hi FuelMix FIM

How are you? 

I'd like to talk about my thoughts on why the Arena Sauna would be a failure in Hong Kong. I still think the decor is the fatal factor. BDSM theme doesn't appeal the majority of the Oriental races and I guess the ABC-Gateway group was trying to avoid fierce competition with all the other mainstream saunas especially Hutong. I would even foresee the closure of this unfortunate sauna in not very distant future. 

The whole of ABC-Gateway group will have to quit the Kowloon market and only leaving Action as its flagship sauna (Gateway sauna is too nearby and marginal as well). Ideally, I would suggest the ABC-Gateway group close up the Gateway branch and keep Alexander, at least apparently the latter was far more successful and was once considered the flagship sauna in town, now replaced by Hutong. Seeing lack of competition, Hutong raised(according to your blog) its admission again to a rocket-high $199, which is more expensive than many saunas in the west now. I would like to hear your opinions. 

Take care 
A loyal reader 

FuelMix says:   

1.  You may be right in your speculations.  With ABC gone, Alexander gone, Arena questionable even with a 24 hour opening and Gateway not that hot, it only leaves Action -  which is not open 24 hours (except on weekends and public holidays). It is a very strange outcome for a group that could have dominated the local market with better planning.  We think customers should write to the management of ABC-Gateway and request that Action should also be opened 24 hours.

2.  One theory we have about Arena is that the management deliberately took the risk to open a 24 hour S&M Fetish Sauna - knowing that it would take some time before it caught on.  Perhaps they have financial backers who are prepared to absorb the initial loss in revenue.  

3.  That being said, we cannot explain the absurd decision to have such a small play space, only 4 private rooms - but an enormous shower, steam and jacuzzi area.  From what we are hearing, even the customers that went to ABC - which Arena was intended to replace - are disgusted with Arena and don't return after their first visit.  So, if Arena's management is waiting for S&M to catch on, they are caught in a trap which is.....Arena continues to lose reputation and customers while management hopes S&M will catch on.  Like you, we have our doubts about Arena's viability.

4.  Apparently there are no plans to re-open Alexander in a new location. We reiterate our view that Arena in Tsim Sha Tsui and Action in Causeway Bay should be open 24 hours. 

5.  The HK$199.00 entry fee for Hutong is the "official" price. We suspect that those on the SMS contact list or regular customers are paying  about 50% less and up. A few days ago we were told again that Hutong is allowing anyone to enter, including fat white guys who were regulars at Central Escalator and fat Mainland Chinese who were regulars at Alexander. 

6.  Hong Kong sauna prices will probably be more than the West, simply because the rents here are outrageous.  

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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Corporate Gay Activism 3

7.  Education, Affluence and Corporate Social Responsibility
8.  Hypocrisy Of The Morality Militia 


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Corporate Gay Activism 2


4. Reasons For Corporate Social Responsibility
5.  HSBC's "Gay Lions" In Hong Kong
6.  The Morality Militia Squealed
4.   Reasons For Corporate Social Responsibility

There are 7 reasons why a company would consider CSR initiatives:

  • Kudos and awards from social monitoring or activist organizations e.g. "best company to work for if you're gay / black / female / care about the environment / whatever..";
  • Appeal to "ethical" investors, both individual and institutional, looking to capitalize on a "feel good" factor;
  • Repair or prevent reputational damage;
  • Repair or prevent physical, financial, environmental or minority damage that they caused.  Sometimes that can be the result of legal proceedings or leaked disclosures;
  • Exert pressure on the upstream and downstream supply chain of goods and services;
  • Appeal to an existing but untapped client market;
  • Position the corporate brand as overtly inclusive or socially aware - for recruitment and marketing campaigns;

 5.   HSBC's "Gay Lions" In Hong Kong

1.   HSBC is a major global bank with historical links to Hong Kong.  Outside its main office at 1 Queen's Road Central sit the bank's 2 lions, Stephen and Stitt.  They symbolize courage and prosperity.  They've been there forever - except that at the end of 2016, for a month, the bank added 2 replicas by a local LGBT artist painted in rainbow colours to symbolize pride and unity in diversity.

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2.   It's not the first time that HSBC has come out on a highly visible scale in support of LGBT.  Check out this video from 2014 showing HSBC's global celebration:

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3.   It's well known around town that HSBC recognizes same-sex relationships in its Employee Benefits policies.  They have been doing that for several years.

6.   The Morality Militia Squealed

1.  It didn't take long for the usual suspects that comprise the Morality Militia to squeal. A small group of "Family Values" types (apparently an alliance of 8 concern groups) showed up in Central to picket around the rainbow lions and vented their anger on HSBC's Facebook page.  The gist of their complaints:
  •  the painted lions were a "disgusting display";
  • blurring of gender identity;
  • discrimination against traditional values;
  • emotional damage;
  • HSBC's pro-GLBT policies had never been discussed at shareholders meetings;
  • forced shareholders to recognize the homosexual lifestyle;
  • infringed shareholders' freedom of conscience;
  • threats to close their accounts;
  • HSBC was arrogant in refusing to meet them and hold a dialogue;


7.  Education, Affluence and Corporate Social Responsibility
8.  Hypocrisy Of The Morality Militia
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