Friday, September 22, 2017

Gong Guan Sauna 5

Opened 26 May 2017

3/F Vincent House
30 - 30A Jordan Road (corner of Jordan Road and Shanghai Street)
Yau Ma Tei
Hong Kong
MTR: Jordan Station Exit A

Tel: 6883 6475

Opening Hours: 
Sunday-Thursday: 12 noon to 12 Midnight
Friday - Saturday: 12 noon to 10am the next day  

Regular Entrance Fee: HK$168.00
Early Bird Fee: HK$80.00 12 Noon to 5pm 
Apparently some other price promotions as well.  Check with them

What the Slightly Chubby College GAM Twink with excellent English, (who sat on the ground in a deserted stairwell downtown, licking FuelMix's crotch and ass through his jeans for about 8 minutes and begging FuelMix to squeeze his head in his thighs as he did so), said:

SCCGAMT:  Oh, wow..!!  That was soooo good....!!  Thank you sooo much...!!  Do you want to exchange numbers and maybe we could do it again...?  Maybe somewhere more private when I have more time..?

[But we digress...]

SCCGAMT:  Have you been to Gong Guan Sauna..?  It's quite new and very clean.  It has only been open for a few months

FM:  No, I haven't been.  I thought it was only for fat guys, or fat older guys - you know, what they advertised before they opened as, "Dad Bods"

SCCGAMT [giggles]:  Yes, for fat guys or chubby chasers or young chubby students like me.  I am too embarrassed to go to the gym

FM:  You're just slightly chubby.  You could lose it pretty quickly.  It's no big deal.  You go to Gong Guan often..?

SCCGAMT:  Usually every Saturday, I go there from 6pm to midnight

FM: You stay 6 hours in a fuckin' sauna..?

SCCGAMT:  Yes, the decor is very nice, I look at the other guys and I watch the movies.  I don't get much action, because I am shy, but sometimes I play.  I like to be very oral and lick the guys all over.  But because I am shy, I wait for the other guys to make the first move

FM:  Shy huh..??  You came up to me....

SCCT [giggles]:  Because you are foreign and have a muscular body, so I got horny very quickly

FM:  So...if you are going to Gong Guan every weekend for 6 hours, all the customers are Chinese chubbies..?

SCCGAMT:  On weekends, you will see some slim and gym fit local Chinese guys early 20s and 30s. Because Gong Guan is still quite new, I think these guy are going to see what the place is like.  I recognized some guys from Big Top in Mong Kok. They told me that on weekends Big Top gets too crowded and does not have enough rooms to play.  So everybody stands around in the Dark Area.  But Gong Guan has more space, it is bigger and more clean so that's why they are going there.

FM:  So on weekends, Big Top has become a victim of its own success, because it is too small and gets too crowded..? And some of the skinnier guys are going to Gong Guan and will pay more..?

SCCGAMT:  Yes, that is what I have seen several times
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Galaxy Sauna 29

5th Floor, Harilela Mansion
81 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit C
Tel: 2366 - 0629   

No website that FuelMix knows of 


12 Noon - 11pm Mondays - Sundays
(7:30pm onwards mostly empty)
Staff do NOT speak good English OR may speak some English

(see below for Why)

Galaxy - Monday Evening Washout

1.  Our friendly GAM-Throats-On-The-Street have informed us that on Monday evenings, Galaxy is dead.  Show up after 6:30pm and there might only be 5 people there.  This has been going for some time and nobody knows why.  Readers will recall that in a previous post, we mentioned that even during the rest of the weekday evenings, Galaxy has been emptying out earlier than it used to.  It continues to be packed on Saturdays.

Mature GWM Oral Submissives: Galaxy - And Gateway..?

1.  We have heard that larger numbers of mature GWMs are showing up in Galaxy, both residents and tourists. They seem to like the place despite its run-down appearance.

2.  We have also heard that some of these mature GWMs are very raunchy and submissive.  The submissive ones apparently offer their mouths as fuckholes and in other imaginative ways.

3.  If our latest information is correct, then it matches what we had heard for sometime - namely, that there are discreet mature GWM oral submissives offering full body worship and looking for Tops to use them as oral pig slaves.

4.  They don't advertise on Grindr/Jack'd/Scuff or Craigslist because of the high failure rates.  Instead they either cruise on the street (Tsim Sha Tsui and Kowloon Park being the favourites - because some are tourists and are staying in hotels in the vicinity) or show up at Galaxy in Tsim Sha Tsui; or Gateway in Wanchai.

5.  Gateway has a reputation for being pretty dead, but unlike Galaxy, it is very clean.  Its discreet location would appear to make it an ideal location for a mature GWM oral pig slave to offer service.

Invitation To Mature GWM Oral Pig Slaves

6.  In order to verify the accuracy of what our GAM-Throats-On-The-Street told us, we invite mature GWMs oral pigs to contact us directly at to let us know where they're hanging out, what sort of guys they're into and whether they are playing in Galaxy or Gateway or some other sauna.

7.  We will publish this information to ensure that you are well fed.  Your stats will not be disclosed unless you specifically request it.

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kotetsu Book Shop

124 Fa Yuen Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong
MTR:  Mong Kok Station, Exit B2

Tel:2332 8824
Facebook:  Kotetsu Book Shop
Opening Times: 1:30pm - 9pm


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Moving In The White Direction

"You know what I CANNOT STAND about whites..??" spat the 36 year old GWM as he shook his head in disbelief, "it's their fuckin' entitlement mentality.."

FM:  How so..?

36GWM:  Living in Asia, you can see a leftover colonialism. They think that just because their companies sent them here, or because their parents or grandparents strutted around during colonial times that, as the next generation, they've inherited the entitlement mentality and the perks that override everybody else........The biggest joke is that the latest generation of  expatriate whites are mostly economic refugees fleeing to Asia..!!  Shit...I'm one of them!!....I'm happy to admit I crawled here looking for a better life..!!  Life in the West totally sucks..!!

FM:  Can you be more specific on white entitlement mentality?

36GWM:  Yeah, sure.  You know that controversy in online ads where if a white guys says, "No Asians", that's a preference, but if an Asian guy says, "No whites" that racist..?

FM:  Yeah...

36GWM:  Would you agree that's part of the white entitlement mentality..?

FM:  Yeah...

36GWM:  What if I told you that from my experience, some white guys are pushing sexual preference even further..?

FM:  How..?

36GWM:  By trying to force it on other whites...

FM:  Explain

36GWM:  Just like some Chinese gays find other Chinese guys really ugly, I don't hide the fact that as a white guy, I find other whites sexually repulsive. I can't bear to look at them in the bars and the saunas.  They are NOT my type.  I have a VERY SPECIFIC type to which I'm attracted...light skinned North Indian guys, light skinned Pakistani guys - especially the ones from the UK - Middle East guys, guys from Portugal, some North African types.  And I totally LLUUUUV  CUT cocks.  I think they're just beautiful on hot, muscular exotic guys with gorgeous features.  Got it...?? That's MY type and I'm proud of my choices

FM:  Fair enough. You can certainly find them in Hong Kong

36GWM:  Yeah, except some whites don't want you to find your own choice..... I put up an ad on Craigslist stating what I was looking for.  Within an hour, my ad was flagged for removal. For several consecutive days, I re-posted the ad and each time, it was flagged for removal within a couple of hours and disappeared.  I was furious

FM: What makes you think it was a white who flagged you..?  It could have been a bitter chink

36GWM:  I mentioned that the ads were up for a couple of hours before they were flagged for removal.  Several times I received responses from whites offering to hook up. I politely declined saying my ad was VERY SPECIFIC and thanking them for responding.  Next thing I knew, my ad was flagged and disappeared

FM:  It's not conclusive, but it is circumstantial

36GWM:  I continued to re-post the ad and began to suspect the same whites were responding to it.  Again I politely declined, pointing out my ad was VERY SPECIFIC.  That's when they got abusive  - which I ignored - and my ad was flagged for removal and disappeared

FM:  Sounds a bit fishy...what kind of abuse..?

36GWM:  "fuckin' Muslim cocksucker"; "brown nigger fetish"; "you're wasting your time on curry flavoured shit"; "pussyboy for terrorists" get the picture
FM:  Whites at their poetic best 

36GWM:  It wasn't the abuse that angered was their assumption that they could override my choices just because THEY were white, and then humiliate me - as a white man -  when I stood by my choices and excluded THEM.  They were showing a completely fucked up sense of entitlement

FM:  They had no reason to respond to your ad since your stipulations were clear

36GWM:  Exactly.  They were seeing what they could get away with.  It was a form of intimidation to get me to back down from my choices - or to make me feel guilty for being a white man and having the balls to say what non-white ethnicity I'm attracted to. As a gay man, incidents like these, really cement your views on your own race.  I was the victim of  intra-white racism.... that somehow, I'm less of a white guy for being attracted to foreigners.  I'm ashamed and angry at the behaviour of my own race.  In my next life, I'm gonna come back as a more superior race.

FM:  [grins]  Amen

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sex Addiction 5 (Finding Recovery)

5.  Finding Recovery

Highlighting, underlining and bold print by FuelMix:

There are a lot of gay identified men, no one really knows how many, who utilize the intensity and emotional power of sexual fantasies and behaviors to self-soothe, distract, and emotionally medicate themselves in ways that not only go against their core beliefs and values, but also create emotional, health, relationship, legal, financial, and other consequences. These individuals can find recovery in therapy with gay supportive sex addiction treatment specialists – usually a combination of individual and group sessions – and in openly gay 12-step sexual recovery meetings. Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) and Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) seem to be the most popular and welcoming 12-step programs for gay men. Oftentimes, an intensive outpatient program such as the one offered by the Sexual Recovery Institute or an inpatient treatment setting can jump-start a sex addict’s recovery. For individuals with fused drug use and sexual acting out, both aspects of the addiction must be treated simultaneously, preferably in an environment where these issues are addressed as the paired, dual concerns they have become.

---Robert Weiss, "Cruise Control: Understanding Gay Men And Sex Addiction", Freedom Institute
Originally published 25 May 2016
Republished 16 September 2017

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Gay Saunas: Manila, Philippines


1.  Why No Gay Sauna Reviews From Manila..?
2.  Crummy Standards, Crummy Infrastructure
3.  The Paradox
4.  The Sauna Scene In Manila Is Shitty..??

1.  Printed in red at the end of each of our Hong Kong sauna reviews, is an invitation to readers to submit reviews of saunas in any Asian city.

2.  We have received reviews from Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo and Taipei.  We are always looking for more Asian cities plus updates of those published.

1.  Why No Gay Sauna Reviews From Manila..??

1.  This blog has a steady readership from the Philippines.  We've received emails praising the blog and crowing about their "mindblowing" sauna experiences when visiting Hong Kong.

2.  We replied and requested sauna reviews from Manila.  "Oh sure..! sure, no problem..!", they gushed.  Then there was silence.  Nothing.

2.  Crummy Standards, Crummy Infrastructure

3.  Chatting to our contacts, we may know why.  The Philippines has really crummy standards in its urban infrastructure. One only has to recall the disgust and dismay at the first impressions on arrival at Manila International Airport (compared to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore) to realize that the Philippines doesn't measure up.  Sure, Makati (the business and tourist district) looks clean and hip but beyond's very crummy and slum-like in huge swathes of Metro Manila.

4.  Generations of exploitative Spanish and US colonization, lax social discipline, endemic poverty, poor city planning, an entrenched mentality of crime, corruption and procrastination - the "maƱana" (leave it till tomorrow) factor, have conspired to create an urban infrastructure -  and consequently a gay scene AND a gay sauna scene that is well below that found in other Asian cities.

3.  The Paradox

1.  Yet the Philippines is (correctly) rated as one of the most gay-friendly (and trans-friendly) places in the world.  In 1994, it was the first country in Asia to hold a Pride Parade, it has openly gay TV presenters and actors, there's no shortage of gay Filipino bloggers writing in English.  See for example the selection highlighted by the gay travel blog, Nomadic Boys in their post dated 11 June 2017 entitled, "Why is Philippines so gay friendly?"

2.  Filipinos have a generally friendly attitude towards foreigners (in his gym in Hong Kong, there are several str8 muscled Flips who are very friendly to FuelMix. They swap work out tips, stop and chat on the street, buy him coffee, it's all good).

3.  It makes the absence of submitted Manila gay sauna reviews (to this blog anyway) all the more surprising.  One would have thought that such gay-friendliness and a dedicated Filipino readership, would have resulted in those readers showcasing their saunas to the world...

4.  Unless there's another reason...

4.  The Sauna Scene In Manila Is Shitty..??

1.  Despite the size of Metro Manila, there appear to be only 3 saunas that get a regular mention:

  • Farenheit Cafe & Fitness Centre - Quezon City, Manila
  • Club Bath Philippines - Pasay City, Manila
  • Cool Spa - Makati City, Manila (re-opened after renovations)
2.  Historically, the gay centre of Manila was Malate.  But rising rents and gentrification pushed the gay bars and saunas out.  Apparently, the gay saunas in Manila are run as private clubs.  They require 2 pieces of ID and a joining fee. None are open 24 hours and none get rave reviews (unlike certain saunas in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei).  It is alleged by one gay resource site that Manila saunas are raided by the Police from time to time (for what, was not said). Assuming readers commenting online are telling the truth, some of the reviews of Manila saunas are damning:
  • filthy premises;
  • dead cockroaches;
  • non-existent condoms and lubes;
  • smell;
  • private cabins not cleaned;
  • thick cigarette smoke;
  • no fire exits;
  • hustlers;
  • allegations that nobody over 59 allowed;
  • rude front desk staff;
.....and there are only 3 saunas..??!!  Is the sauna management shooting themselves in the foot or is this the usual Filipino standard..??

3.  When we asked readers in Manila who contacted us about gay saunas in Hong Kong, to tell us about the saunas in Manila, here's what we received back...
  • "I'd rather's a small scene.  Everybody knows each other."
  • "It's not that good...that's why I come to Hong Kong."
  • "Gay saunas in Manila are embarrassing.  Not as good as Taipei or Hong Kong."
  • "Oh...they are nowhere near the standards of Hong Kong or Singapore...they're pretty bad."
  • "Gay saunas in Manila are really disappointing."
  • "It's the Philippines..!!  Don't expect much.."
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sex Addiction 4 (Drugs And Sex)

4.   Drugs And Sex

Underlining, highlighting and bold print by FuelMix:

Writing a blog about gay men and sexual addiction without also mentioning concurrent drug abuse would be a great disservice. The simple fact is sex addicts often struggle with multiple addictions. In one survey of male sex addicts (a mix of gay and straight men) 87 percent reported also abusing an addictive substance or another addictive behavior. For many gay male sex addicts, stimulants like cocaine and methamphetamine are the secondary “drugs of choice.” Users say these drugs allow them to be sexual for hours or even days at a time – without sleeping, eating, or coming down – especially when Viagra, Cialis, or a similar drug is along for the ride. Sadly, safe sex is rarely a priority for such men when dis-inhibited by drugs. This is especially true for sex addicts who’ve already grown accustomed to marathon sex with multiple partners, greatly increasing their risk for contracting and/or transmitting HIV and other STDs. For some gay men, drug use and sexual acting out are so intertwined that they form a single, fused addiction – if these men are doing one, they are also, without fail, doing the other.

---Robert Weiss, "Cruise Control: Understanding Gay Men And Sex Addiction", Freedom Institute


Finding Recovery 

Originally published 22 May 2017
Republished 10 September 2017

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Chaps Sauna 9

Ground Floor, 15 Ming Yuen Western Street
North Point
Hong Kong
MTR: North Point Station, Exit B, then Exit B1
Tel: 2570 9339

CLOSED DOWN (Date Unknown)

Yesterday evening, a reader showed up at Chaps premises in North Point and discovered that Chaps had closed down. 

Their website is still on

We wrote this place off years ago. 

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Sex Addiction 3 (Gay Men And Technology)

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3.   Gay Men And Technology

Underlining, highlighting and bold print by FuelMix:

For most gay men, the Internet has helped them learn about themselves, form supportive communities, and develop healthy intimate relationships. It has also played a significant role in the de-stigmatization of homosexuality – especially among younger people. It has likely saved lives. Unfortunately, the Internet has also facilitated sexual acting out for many gay men. As the accessibility, affordability, and most importantly the anonymity of pornography, online sex, and in-the-flesh encounters has increased, so too has the number of gay men struggling with problematic patterns of sexual behavior. For these men, even seemingly benign online activities can present a danger. Consider Joe:

Sometimes I go online just to check email or pay a bill, and without even thinking about it, I’m looking at porn or I’m video chatting with some half-naked guy who lives a thousand miles away. Before I know it, half the night is gone and there I am, still sitting there, zoned out and staring at the screen. It’s like being in a daze. And this doesn’t just happen to me once in a while. If it did, I wouldn’t be so concerned. But I lose myself online for three or four hours a night, nearly every night, and sometimes entire weekends are spent cruising for sex and masturbating to porn. Some days I sit still for so long that my whole body gets cramped – and I still haven’t eaten or done any chores. I just stare at my stupid iPad and let it drag me away into oblivion. A friend of mine used to do heroin, and he described to me one time what it was like, and it’s exactly the same as how I use sex and the Internet. That really scares me. 
---Robert Weiss, "Cruise Control: Understanding Gay Men And Sex Addiction", Freedom Institute 


Drugs And Sex

Originally published 22 May 2016
Republished 7 September 2017

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Old School

Ask any fag with experience and they’ll say that the keys to successful cruising on the street, mall, locker room, toilet, bar, sauna or wherever, lies in 3 factors: confidence, body language and the look.

To which FuelMix would add a 4th factor: hotness.

Cruising in public, however furtive, is actually a brazen act of public defiance liable to criminal charges of indecency or loitering with intent or soliciting. But this post isn’t about the criminality of cruising. It's about the convergence of the 4 factors listed above and the head-on collision with so-called "online cruising".

Real-time  face to face cruising requires skill, persistence, finesse and a certain skill to determine compatibility. Cruising is in the other guy’s face and everything’s on view. It’s also awfully hard on the feet.

So, along comes the Web, the fag chat rooms, the apps: Grindr/Jack'd/Scruff/Growlr. Theoretically hookups should happen with a mouse click or a swipe. Pull up a chair, lie on the bed, arrange a lunch time quickie, post a profile, a pic, say what you’re into, what you’re looking for, when you wanna meet and bang!!…the trick shows up like a pizza delivery.  Exactly what you ordered.  All smiles, good manners,clean cut, freshly showered, smelling of Tide, high-priced body wash and Ozone.

Not so fast.......

1.  The attitude of the fag claiming to cruise online is quite different to the fag’s attitude whilst cruising on the street, yet the professed desired result is the same.

This is a crucial point because it shows a marked divergence in strategy which leads to zero, or infuriating, or an utterly disastrous online result.

2.  The fag’s propensity for lying (an ingrained and inbred characteristic that first started as a survival method in childhood to cover up the fact that he knew he was “different”) shows up in all its glory online. Virtually every fag with an ISP has had at least a dozen experiences with online fag flakes. That’s not to say that 2 fags won’t lie to each other when they’re cruising on the street, but since cruising in those circumstances is mutually visible, the most they can lie about is their age, drug use and health status. Online, there’s no shortage of what they can fabricate. Going digital, is inherently nefarious.

3.  The truth is that fag chat rooms are NOT a place to hook up. They are merely a place to loiter (without threat of criminality), waste time, rabble rouse, insult, get insulted, get angry, get pissed off and log off. In fact, very little chat actually goes on in the public rooms. Conversation is cursory, pretending to be banter. At other times it’s virtually non-existent.

4.  If cruising on the street is supposed to be anonymous, chat rooms are not. Every key stroke can be traced. The notion of cruising for anonymous sex shatters right there. (We are prepared to accept that with surveillance cameras installed all over the streets and parks in the West - in the fight against terrorism of course, - cruising on the street is not that anonymous either).

5.  In the real world, cruising is a silent, predatory action marked by repeatedly returning to the same spot (or series of spots in a given area) in search of action. Online, the chat room is a crypt with a revolving door, names spinning in and out leapfrogging to the top of the newly arrived list. All the while, they’re hoping for an acknowledgement or a flicker of interest. Most of the time they get none. It’s the cyber equivalent of “stand and model”. The silence can be deafening.

6.  In the real world, when no fish bites, you just walk, take the bus, hail a cab, hop on the subway and get the hell out of there plotting to return at some later date. In cyber, fags leave their profile in the chat room for days at a time. It’s a sure sign they’re desperate. It reminds FuelMix of a particularly notorious fag who would take up residence in a certain public toilet cubicle for hours. He’d bring porn, sandwiches and coffee in a thermos flask. It was jaw-dropping in its hilarity and deeply pathetic. It was also the only public toilet to have the aroma of freshly roasted Arabica beans and piss.

7.  So why have fags bought into this notion that chat room cruising is easy and fun? Probably because it appears to be the quickest way to see profiles and (sometimes for a fee), pictures of dudes. That’s really the hook – the curiosity factor. Every fag in his heart knows that right now he’s just too fuckin’ lazy to get dressed and go to the other side of town to actually meet the dude, or he’s still at work, or it’s late, or he’s surfing during class, or still high, or not even in the same city. In the meantime, why not toy with that apparent jock in the same way as a kitten toys with a ball of wool? He can be vague, tantalizingly nebulous, complimentary and even carry on a conversation…....hell, we all lie. What’s the harm?

8.  That ain’t cruising by any definition.

9.  Face it. If the guy cruised on the street is more interested in oratory than oral sex, walk.

10.  True cruising has the briefest of conversations, the shortest, sharpest answers to the right questions and a snap decision. Even getting to and finding a place to play is done in silence or only occasional conversation. True cruising on the street or anywhere else in real time, is characterized by libido and instant lust, a shared commitment to get it done and get it done right.

Yeah, it's Old School.  And it still fuckin' works.

Originally published 3 February 2009.  
Republished 4 November 2011.
Amended and Republished 23 July 2013 | 3 November 2014 | 5 May 2016 | 5 September 2017

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When You're Hot

.....and shift paradigms, magic happens.

FuelMix had spent much of the last week holed up with toxic str8 people and felt the need to de-pressurize by hitting one of the saunas reviewed in this blog.  Ever the social experimenter, FuelMix decided to shake things up by deliberately finding something to compliment in every fag that he turned down or in whom he simply engaged in conversation with no intention of having action.

The results were startling.  Here's what FuelMix received for his Random Acts of Kindness:

  • 3 assisted showers by 3 different fags who lovingly and methodically soaped him all over;
  • 3 other fags who then towel dried FuelMix and went to the counter to get fresh towels each time;
  • 2 full body rubs at different times by 2 other fags using the free lube that was available;
  • 1 foot massage by another fag;
  • A simultaneous hand and neck massage by 2 other fags;
  • An offer by another fag to take pictures of FuelMix on his I-Phone (declined);
  • 2 fag mobile phone numbers;

........and that's not counting the action that FuelMix got.

FuelMix left the sauna confounded, dazed and delighted.  All it took was a shift from Attitude to Total Non-Attitude, what Deepak Chopra calls a state of "defenceless-ness".  Just drop it and see what happens.

So.......what then is the definition of "Hot"?

Originally published 22 May 2010
Republished 11 June 2014 | 30 May 2016 | 5 September 2017

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Sex Addiction 2 (Is It A Gay Thing..?)

Underlining, highlighting and bold print by FuelMix:

2.   Is Sex Addiction A Gay Thing?

Compulsive, problematic sexual behaviors are not solely a gay men’s issue. The diagnoses of sex, love, and porn addiction are equally widespread among straight and bisexual men, and those individuals act out in the same basic ways as gay men. The simple fact is today’s sex addicts, regardless of sexual orientation, locate sex partners via dating and prostitution websites, social media, and smartphone apps. The only real difference is gay men log on to Grindr, Manhunt, and Scruff, while straight guys use Skout, Blendr, and Ashley Madison. Gay and straight porn addicts also act out in similar ways, “losing themselves” in a seemingly endless online array of intensely stimulating graphic imagery – much of it user-generated thanks to the proliferation of webcams and HD cameras. Gay or straight, sex addicts live highly compartmentalized double lives, experiencing a variety of negative life consequences as a result of their compulsive acting out. Simply put, gay and straight sex addicts are much more alike than different.

That said, recognizing sexual addiction in gay men is sometimes tougher than it is with straight men, in part because Western gay culture encourages a wider range of sexual freedoms than does heterosexual culture. And while this is in most ways a positive (gay and proud) reaction to growing up in a shame-based, homophobic society, a counterculture of unrestrained sexual activity also tends to both enable and make it difficult to identify problematic sexual behavior patterns. In simple terms: If you spend all your free time in bars, it’s hard to determine if you are an alcoholic or just someone who likes to drink. Why? Because everyone there is drinking. Similarly, it is difficult to stand out as a sex addict when you live in a sexually permissive community. Most gay men live in such an environment, while most straight men don’t. Thus, it is typically easier for straight male sex addicts to notice when their sexual behavior becomes compulsive, excessive, and destructive.

It is important to note that gay male sex addicts are not compulsively sexual because of their sexual orientation. Rather, they are compulsively sexual as a way to self-medicate individual psychological issues – depression, anxiety, attachment disorders, social phobia, low self-esteem, unresolved trauma, etc. These are exactly the same underlying issues presented by straight and bisexual sex addicts, both male and female. Unfortunately for the gay male sex addict, his increasingly destructive patterns of behavior take place against a cultural background of dramatically greater sexual freedom than that experienced by other sex addicts. In some ways, the gay sex addicts are prisoner of their own autonomy, with fewer cultural opportunities for self-examination and less cultural support for behavioral change than the population in general. But this is changing. Many married gay men are no longer willing to put up with a partner who is out having sex with strangers two or three evenings a week. Like many attached, loving spouses of both genders, gay spouses are increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with non-monogamy and their partner engaging in random, casual sex. This is bringing more gay sex addicts than ever into treatment. 

---Robert Weiss, "Cruise Control: Understanding Gay Men And Sex Addiction", Freedom Institute 


Gay Men And Technology

Originally published 22 May 2017
Republished 5 September 2017

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Sex Addiction 1 (Cruising vs Social Media)

Underlining, highlighting and bold print by FuelMix:

In 2005 I wrote Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men, a book that I took out of print in late 2010 because it desperately needed an update. Essentially, the volume was penned prior to the rise of social media, the explosion of user-generated porn, the advent of smartphone hookup apps, and numerous other advances in digital sexnology. And let us not forget the cultural changes “gay marriage” (and its effect on “gay monogamy”) has wrought in the past few years. Remember, many in the gay community used to deride marriage as an old-fashioned, demeaning, heterosexual ritual. Now, however, gay marriage is a hard-fought-for reality in several states, and with a forward-thinking president who has spoken in support of it on more than one occasion, other states are likely to follow. This has created a dramatic shift in gay men’s attitudes toward marriage and monogamy, leading in turn to quite a lot of individuals rethinking their sexual behavior, wondering if all the “fun” they’ve been having is actually compulsive and destructive rather than enjoyable. 

Needless to say, things have changed quite a lot in the eight years since I wrote Cruise Control. In 2005, gay male sex addicts were most likely to be found picking up hustlers on street corners, masturbating in adult bookstores to video and magazine porn, hooking up for quickies in public parks and restrooms, and cruising the steam-room at their local gym for hours at a time. Today gay men search for sex in much safer and significantly less public venues. Hustlers are found on prostitution (and dating) websites; porn of every ilk imaginable is ubiquitous on the Internet; mutual masturbation occurs via webcams; and in-person casual and anonymous hookups are set up using “friend finder” smartphone apps. Public cruising for sex partners is fast becoming a behavioral relic engaged in only by “old school” men (read: over 40) who’ve yet to embrace the technologic tsunami. And the number of old-school gay men is diminishing by the day, as it becomes increasingly clear that if you want to get laid, you’d better get “with it” in terms of digital hookups. Recognizing this, a heavily updated second edition of Cruise Control – already a staple among gay men in recovery – is scheduled for publication later this month in both electronic and print formats.

---Robert Weiss, "Cruise Control: Understanding Gay Men And Sex Addiction", Freedom Institute

FuelMix says:

1.  The 2nd edition of the book was published a couple of years ago:

2.  As for Weiss' assertion that the use of the Web, Webcams and Online Apps is "much safer and significantly less public", did somebody forget to tell him about the pervasive, utterly illegal and overreaching web surveillance for no real purpose other than blackmail and control - as well as the ease with which these platforms can be hacked and the intimate details displayed to the world (on the Web, of course)....??

3.  We agree with what Weiss said about the impact of social media and gay marriage, but we disagree on his comment that public cruising is a
" 'behavioural relic' engaged in only by 'old school' men (read: over 40) who've yet to embrace the technological tsunami"

4.  From our observations here in Very Rich Megacity, we think gay men of all ages embrace an "holistic" view that covers the full spectrum of public cruising, porn viewing (often while cruising or in the sauna waiting for "Mr Right Now"), the smartphone apps and online ads.  We've seen this behaviour not just on the streets, but also in the bars and saunas.

5.  Further, given how much more brazen the 16 to 20-somethings are these days, we're not surprised to see them engaging in urban cruising.  It's a rite of passage for every gay man.  We wrote about it and its effectiveness in our post, "Old School".


Is Sex Addiction A Gay Thing..?

Originally published 22 May 2016
Republished 5 September 2017

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Friday, September 01, 2017

I'm Clean

1.  Ever wondered why so many online fags put in that famous line “D/D free a must” or some variation thereof like, “Clean & Neg here UB2”??

2.  Simple.....  It’s a ritual – sorta like saying grace at Thanksgiving or saying “Merry Christmas”.  Nobody really means it but it’s part of the etiquette and everybody nods their approval. The reality is that given the soaring disease rates amongst fags, the line means nothing and has no business even being in an ad.    

3.  As at August 2017, Syphilis - thought to have been wiped out in the US 70 years ago and fairly easily treated - has made a roaring comeback in the Los Angeles area.  Its happy recipients..? fags, HIV types and drug users. Oh wait.....the last two categories also covers fags.

4.  And the biggest joke...?  These infected fags either turn hostile or are reluctant to disclose their sexual partners.  That's because they've been whoring around in the gay saunas, flying on drugs, going to the circuit parties or hanging out on a hookup app - simultaneously, several times a week.

5.  To stop Syphilis from spreading, ALL the sexual partners of an infected person must be tracked down, tested and treated.  It's the antithesis of casual, anonymous sex (and that's before getting into the fake names, one-time-use phone numbers, the vague locations, where they might hang out and when, the shunning, silence and no-shows for testing when they're contacted).

6.  Think about it. An ad for Casual Sex………is anything the fag going to say in it or in response to it, actually going to be “Meaningful”, particularly when fags are such accomplished liars....?  Is it that surprising that Syphilis (and antibiotic-resistant Super Gonorrhea) are affecting gay men with such vengeance..? 

Scenario 1 

1.  Let’s take a typical online scenario:   Deeply closeted married fag in his early 30s, comes to town on a business trip, claims to be a jock, goodlooking, blah blah blah, repeatedly posts his ad on Craigslist or Grindr/Jack'd/Scruff etc with torso and cock shot taken in the hotel room, comes out with the famous line, “D/D free a must”.

2.  How does he know his own status..? He’s a deeply closeted married fag.  He’s going to have to get regular STD checks from somebody other than the family physician (not such a big deal) AND disclose that he's married AND Bi (will he..?) AND make sure to keep the paperwork out of sight from the wife.  Open question whether he’d even do it.

3.  So let’s assume he doesn’t.  Is he as “D/D free” as he’s insisting the other guy should be?  In reality, he’s simply getting by without showing symptoms and he’s totally in the dark as to his carrier status on a host of bacterial and viral goodies (Untested and untreated Syphilis can hide symptoms for decades).  In other words, he’s in sexual health denial. So his insistence that the other fag should be “D/D free a must” is hypocritical.  The other fag will be in exactly the same state of sexual health denial.  2 fag hypocrites sucking and fucking off each other.

Scenario 2

1.  Let's assume the deeply closeted married fag actually has an up-to-date STD test with a certificate.  Great...!  He puts up his ad on Craigslist, Grindr/Jack'd/Scruff etc and says “D/D free a must”.  Remember it’s an ad for Casual Sex, the idiot is in town for just a few days, time is limited, he can only fuck in the evenings after work, he’s away from the wife and he’s horny.

2.  This fag has to make a strategic decision.  While HE can confidently say that he is “D/D free” can he honestly insist on “UB2”?  Should he advertise that he has an up-to-date STD certificate?  Is that gonna turn off would be fuck buddies..?  It probably will.  If he tells them in a private e-mail that he has an up-to-date STD certificate, is he implying that he wants to see one from the other fag too?  Can he demand it and stand by his demand?  Will he - given that he has limited time and he's horny..?

3.  Think about it.  His time in town is short, online ads have a high failure and frustration rate, there’s no shortage of liars, he’s horny and he’s got 2 fags that have contacted him.  He’s panicked that he’ll lose them both.   

4.  What’s he gonna do..?

5.  He’s gonna get dirty on the down low with any one of them or both of them.  He ain’t gonna give a damn about “D/D free a must”.  It’s a very, very rare fag who having advertised online, will stand by his demand and expect to see proof of status from the other fag.

Scenario 3

1.  Here’s something else to think about.  In order to hedge his bets, the deeply closeted married fag has already done gay sauna research on the city he’s heading for.  If the online ad falls through – and they usually do – or he gets his rocks off and is still horny, there’s no shortage of gay saunas he can haunt. 

2.  And his online demand about “D/D free a must”?  That just goes to hell in a gay sauna. After all, just how many fags have YOU spotted folding their STD certificates into their towel.....??

Originally published 1 November 2011.  
Amended and Republished 28 June 2012  | 12 October 2014 | 1 September 2017

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Win (Gay) Friends

FuelMix was at the sauna.  Swathed in double fluffy towels he was neatly curled up alone in one of the private rooms, napping contentedly.  The piped music was soft.  He still had one hour before his next appointment.  In the next room was the sound of two fags writhing on the vinyl mattress. Nothing too disturbing.

Then it all went quiet.  The music stopped.  The writhing in the next room stopped.  A voice from the room was heard to say, "I'm NOT gay".  Then there was silence.

Another voice from the room responded, "Whaddya mean you're NOT gay?"

1st Voice:  I just told you I'm NOT gay so don't fuck me and don't put your finger in my ass OK?

2nd Voice: So what are you doing here? 

1st Voice:  I'm here to check out the guys.....that's all

2nd Voice:  Dude, you were touching me in the steam room and you said, "Do you wanna fuck?" That's why we're in here. 

1st Voice:  Yeah well I'm checking you out.......

2nd Voice:  I don't get what's happening don't kiss, you don't hug, you don't suck.....hell you're just lying there.....

1st Voice:  Yeah I told you I'm NOT gay.....

2nd Voice:  You should have said that in the Steam Room.  Better still you should have said that at the Reception Desk when you showed up here.  What a fuckin' waste of my time....what the hell are you actually doing here anyway? 

1st Voice:  I just wanna check out the guys that's all......I don't have to be gay to come to a gay sauna you know.....

2nd Voice:  Why the fuck didn't you say that earlier...??!!  How many other guys here are you leading on...??!! 

1st Voice:  I'm not leading anyone on.  I'm here to see how you gay guys do it in here

2nd Voice:  Dude, I've seen you in this sauna at least 4 times and you stay a couple of hours. You haven't learned it by NOW.....???!!! 

1st Voice:  I'm getting ideas on how to fuck women.....

2nd Voice:  Oh jeez.....I'm outta here (sound of door forcibly opened, footsteps thumping down the corridor)

FuelMix sighed, re- arranged his soft fluffy towels and went back to napping, grateful for the blog material.  You can't make this stuff up.

Originally published 29 January 2011
Amended and Republished 26 September 2014 | 29 August 2017

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The Politics Of Rage

1.   Kim Kardashian's Ass
2.   Anger Building For Years
3.   Collapse Of The Political Centre & The Rise Of Polarization 
4.   The West Fractures.  The East Integrates.

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1.   Kim Kardashian's Ass

 1.  Whatever the fuck is going on in that bastion of alleged freedom that never tires of thumping its own chest and wailing to the world about its apparent "exceptionalism" and unfettered media, one thing is now abundantly clear:  the media AND  its social media are co-conspirators and accomplices in a leveraged, orchestrated and pervasive campaign of denial, demonization, delusion, deification, deception and DISTRACTION...

Copyright in the image belongs to the lawful copyright holder

2.   Oh just gets better and better.  As we said to one of our disciples the other day, the world as we know it, ended on US Election Day, November 8, 2016.  But don't expect the media and social media bombing campaigns to end any time soon.  Desperation, dysfunctionality, distraction and tangential hysteria don't have a shelf life.
Copyright in the image belongs to the lawful copyright holder.
Typed caption by FuelMix

3.   And the collateral damage..?  Your sanity.  The fog of propaganda swirls fast and thick.

4.   More to the point, are YOU enjoying the Apocalypse, the true meaning of which, is that which was hidden is now revealed..?

5.   And right now, what's on show is TRANSPARENTLY OPAQUE.  That's right fag, it's patently obvious that everything is murky. That's why it's easier for people to drop into Kim Kardashian's ass and whether she's had those Brazilian butt lifts.

6.   BUT THAT'S GOOD NEWS TOO..!!  WHY..??  BECAUSE OUT OF OPACITY AND CHAOS COMES...ORDER!!  And right now, we are in that transition - right in the middle of that opacity of chaos, wondering what the New Order is going to look like - and more importantly who's going to control it.

2.   Anger Building For Years

1.  It's NOT about one election in one country or the personalities involved.  At best, one country's election are simply a symptom and metaphor for the massive sense of GLOBAL rage that's been building since we believe September 11, 2001.  Yeah that date.

2.  To us, that date marks the start of a policy of economic, financial and military genocide that has had - by design - utterly disastrous results.  In other words, The World Management Team that was manipulating events, was absolutely banking on the GLOBAL creation of never-ending chaos, human misery, economic inequality, artificially inflated asset bubbles, outrageous debt creation, debasement of currency and fraud.

3.   And they succeeded.  Admirably.

4.   Problem was, the World Management Team ran into the Laws of Physics.  Specifically, the Law of Gravity which operates in 3 ways:
  • what goes up, must come down;
  • what goes around, comes around;
  • illegality, corruption and fraud and criminality will ultimately, always be exposed and have to be answered for.  That's part of the Apocalypse that we've written about several times in this blog;

3.  Collapse Of The Political Centre & The Rise Of Polarization

Image via ZeroHedge

1.   Take a real good look at this chart.  Click on it to make it larger.  Along the top, it shows the collapse of the political centre in the following countries:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.  Basically, the so-called "Developed World".

2.   Then look at the 4 square boxes from left to right that trace the roots of the Politics Of Rage.  It makes lots of sense. Globalization resulted in the wholesale removal of jobs from traditional Western manufacturing centres to cheaper labour centres in other emerging countries.  That crushed the working class and the middle class in the West. 

3.  In the meantime, absurd economic policies of Quantitative Easing and really low interest rates in the West, fueled asset bubbles globally, further crushing the working class and middle class while creating extreme wealth disparity.  

4.  Then add:
  • Western-created geopolitical instability;
  • illegal immigration; and 
  • a flood of refugees into the West, induced by the West.  No government in the West will dare answer credibly exactly why NATO countries - set up to counter a now defunct Soviet Union -  were responsible for the genocidal mess and war criminality in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria;
and it becomes easy to see how social anger risen and the moderate political centre in the West has collapsed.

5.  The wholly manipulated farce being played out in the United States that so far includes:
  • outraged blacks - who want their lives to matter instead of splatter;
  • clueless Snowflake Millenials - who demand to be coddled via politically correct thought and speech, lest they be "triggered";
  • an increasingly defensive right wing that is turning to white supremacy ideology;
  • an increasingly aggressive left wing Socio-Fascists now engaging in a cultural revolution that seeks to erase and destroy chunks of their confederate history;
  • trans-gender attacking other trans-gender for their political views...
is just a symptom of centrist collapse.  Make no mistake about it.  The chaos in the United States is being managed and manipulated by the World Management Team for the sake of chaos.  It is a classic divide and rule tactic intended to consolidate even more power into the World Management Team's hands.

6.  The ultimate goal...? Totalitarianism on a global scale.  You're not in the least suspicious that Facebook and Google are resorting to "Trusted News Moderators"  to vet news stories in order to weed out "Fake News"..?  Fake News according to whom...???  Have you seen what Google has been doing to YouTube videos lately - particularly those that rationally articulate an alternative political or geopolitical point of view..?  They are disappearing completely, not appearing in searches and recommendations or being de-monetized.

4.   The West Fractures.  The East Integrates.

1.  It is important to remember that this rage runs across all countries, but is particularly noticeable in the West at the moment.  We expect greater calls from the West for trade protectionism, the attempted recall of manufacturing from Asian countries back to the West, import tariffs.

2.  The irony is that the fracturing rage in the West, appears to be the direct opposite of the increasing Eurasian and Asian economic and trade integration via:
  • the Eurasian Economic Union headed by Russia;
  • the Shanghai Cooperation Organization headed by China; and 
  • Silk Road 2 (One Belt, One Road) also headed by China;

3.  And just wait till you see the new economic bloc of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Egypt.  It is already taking shape.  But if you're getting your news from the usual white sources, chances are you're too stupid to realize what's going on.

4.  What's the effect of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Egypt getting together..?  It means that Russia controls the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean and.....the Suez Canal.

6.  That's guaranteed to send the usual white boy media mouthpieces into a rage. The West has not - and will not - officially acknowledge that Russia and Iran comprehensively defeated them in Syria and destroyed ISIS.  It has been shown beyond doubt that ISIS was created and funded by certain Western and Middle East Sunni countries.

Originally published 10 November 2016
Amended And Republished 29 August 2017

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Soda Sauna ( formerly Action) 5

1/F Overseas Building,
417 - 421 Hennessy Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong (same location as Action)
MTR:  Causeway Bay, Exit B

Telephone: 2893 7027 (same number as Action)

Price: HK$130.00 (HK$150.00 on Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

** OPEN 24 HOURS** 
(Except Mondays when it closes at 11:30pm)

FuelMix showed up at Soda on a Saturday evening between 8pm and 11:30pm.

Although there was a notice on the front desk saying the weekend and public holiday charge was HK$150.00, FuelMix was charged HK$100.00.

What actually happened was that there were 2 other customers who also came up in the lift and lined up at the Reception Desk behind FuelMix.  The Manager smiled at FuelMix and without a word, raised his index finger. FuelMix handed over HK100.00.  We don't know what the other 2 were charged. (We would not be surprised if Soda charged other customers less or more, or whether they had time-sensitive discount coupons).

In the interests of accurate reporting, FuelMix will disclose that he pays less than others at more than one sauna (without a discount coupon). For the record, he's never asked for special treatment. He just gets it.

There were a lot of people there, mainly local GAMs and 3 GWMs in their 30s. (We heard from our GAM-throats-on-the-street that GWMs who showed up at Soda, were better looking and in better shape than those at Central Escalator).  Customers continued to come in the door regularly, sometimes more than one at a time.  Unfortunately, it was a case of Quantity rather than Quality.  This crowd was more Fat and Fugly.  There were some gym-fit GAM hotties there, but less than what FuelMix had seen on his first visit to Soda on a weekday evening.  Perhaps the timing was off.  Other customers told us Soda is definitely getting the gym guys, both weekdays and weekends.  Remember, it's now open 24 hours.

For the second time in his 2 visits to Soda, FuelMix noticed a marked drop in attitude, compared to when it was Action.  Although the customers were not that visually appealing, FuelMix received a number of compliments as he wandered around or sat in a corner.  He got cruised easily without doing much and, whilst sitting on the bench in the Locker Room, was fondled by 2 customers as they were getting dressed to leave. 

Ultimately, FuelMix got pretty good suck and fuck action twice with 2 very submissive slim GAMs. So, no complaints.

However, there are 2 things to complain about:

1.  Unlike his first visit where the lighting in the Locker Room was fine, this time it was turned down.  Annoying.

2.  The small seating area outside the Steam Room and the toilets is also the smoking area. It was very frequently used and that area, up to the showers, was covered in dense grey-blue smoke. And we mean dense.  It was sickening and the nicotine stench was appalling.  FuelMix threw open the windows in the toilets to ventilate the place - and strongly suggests that all customers warn the Manager that this level of indoor nicotine pollution will not be tolerated.  It's your fuckin' health.
  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Snuff Porn

We’ve all seen the rampant gay ageism in Fagland – the older guy shunned, snickered at, referred to disparagingly, used as bait for escorts, shuffling alongside a chirpy gym twink, used as an ATM.

The old fag represents the very antithesis of the youthful jock oozing with sexuality.  It’s an ethos that Gay Media has done a masterful job of relentlessly portraying.  Think about it.  Pick up a fag rag or a glossy fag mag, Grey Gay is hardly represented visually (although hair colour to hide the grey and hair loss clinics are).  The closest Gay Media gets to Grey Gay is the occasional ad for Bear Porn or financial planning for Seniors.  One has to go online to find the Grey Gay sites.

That puts to rest the “inclusivity” that Gay Media likes to blare.  It’s even more astounding in the light of falling birth rates and the huge increase in Baby Boomers coming onstream globally.  It is having, and will have, huge economic consequences.  It will cause massive financial distortion as these Baby Boomers (many of whom lost badly in the deliberately engineered financial crash of 2008) fight hard to retain a semblance of dignity by demanding state backed pensions and medical care.  Remember these Baby Boomers are cashing out and demanding retirement benefits at the exact time that the global financial system is systemically flawed and systemically corrupt – thanks to the antics of Fraud Street.

Yet Gay Media happily skips along every week or every month pretending that nothing is wrong.  Grey simply doesn’t exist – and if it does, "use Garnier ! Trust them!  They’re experts..!"

At the very basis of this denial of ageing are the twin reality checks of Mortality and Responsibility that Gay Media will do anything to evade.  Inherent in ageing is the acceptance of Mortality and the sober assessment of Responsibility. But the fag lifestyle is hedonistic, fleeting, addictive yet superficial, casual, anonymous, almost independent of space and time (thanks to whatever amphetamine the fag is flying on), completely unconcerned with consequences and frequently, suicidal.

Held hostage by a cartel of gay advertisers who can make or break their publication, Gay Media submissively complies.  Stand back and take a long hard look.  It’s almost repulsive to witness the engineered denial of gay ageing via the airbrushed jock, the poppers ads, the circuit parties with the DJs from Mykonos and Amsterdam, the hottie of the week , the 20-something aspiring singer/ model, the underwear ads, the erection enhancers, the chatline ads, the fitness tips.

Week after week, nothing changes.  Same shit. Different jock, twink, stud.  Here today, dead (of an overdose) tomorrow.

  • Who sets this invisible but very real barrier that men of a certain age simply don’t exist or don't matter? 
  • What’s with the tiptoeing around 35-somethings and describing them as “young”?
  • Who or what is actually behind the hysterically prohibitive personal ads, “No one over 30?”; “No one over 35”?
Thanks Gay Media. 
  • You’ve institutionalized a code of behaviour that guillotined the lifespan of a gay man to 35. No wonder so many gay men are terrified of ageing.
  • You’ve robbed gay men of a meaningful future;
  • You’ve terrified gay men from facing their personal futures courageously;
  • You’ve steered them away from the concept of legacy;
  • You’ve deprived them of articulate, successful role models;
  • You’ve torpedoed the notion of mentoring - only to find that older fags can viciously exploit the twink by feeding them drugs, gang-banging them, infecting them and throwing them out on the street.
  • You’ve ensured that each new generation of twinks and jocks will grow up chronically damaged, bitter, lost and unfulfilled.  But totally full of attitude and disrespect for the older gay man - who in turn, will become predatory and pathological towards them.
"Community...?"  Nah.  We've said it before:  the prevailing morality in Fagland (the postal code and / or the state of mind) is:


Result...?  A slow death by a thousand cuts.  Snuff porn.
Originally published 22 March 2011.  
Amended and Republished 5 August 2012 | 26 August 2017

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    Friday, August 25, 2017

    Here's The Proof

    We had previously observed that GAMs here in Very Rich Megacity are becoming much more brazen in their urban cruising, exhibitionism and in flaunting their sexuality.

    Here's the proof:

    No copyright claimed in the images.

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