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Same Sex Marriage In Taiwan ? 1

.....Self-ruled Taiwan's constitutional court will rule on Wednesday [24 May 2017] whether same-sex couples can tie the knot under existing law, in a decision the island's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups widely expect to be favorable. Such an outcome would be a first in Asia,........

But even a favorable decision by the court, or Judicial Yuan, as it is known, could take a year or two to translate into laws allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, experts say.

This is because the court is expected to give lawmakers time to frame relevant measures, said one lawyer who frequently appears before it.

Democratic Taiwan is famed for an annual gay pride parade that showcases the vibrancy of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The community has high expectations its years-long effort to legalize same-sex marriage will win the court's backing, because of support for gay rights by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that swept national elections last year......

If the court decides current law does not permit same-sex marriage, it is expected to rule whether such denial violates Taiwan citizens' freedom to marry and constitutional rights.....

The court held a public hearing in March, after years of refusal to take up the issue, prompted by petitions from a gay rights activist and a city government facing growing requests for same-sex marriages......

Legal experts say the 15 judges on the court form the most liberal such group ever, with seven appointed by Tsai after becoming president......

FuelMix says:

1.  Depending on your definition of Asia, Taiwan may, or may not, be the first in Asia.  Apparently back in 2007, the Supreme Court of Nepal asked the government to end sexual discrimination of minorities (not fully implemented); legally recognize a third gender (which they've done); AND explore the legalization of same-sex marriage (which they're sorta doing).

2.  And once again, Asia's World City (that would be us here in Very Rich Megacity) and Singapore - both affluent and with a growing gay population (we hate the word, "community" - it makes us vomit) plus Thailand (which does NOT recognize same sex marriage, contrary to public perception), are gonna be left behind.  Even more ironic considering the local hoopla in anticipation of Very Rich Megacity being awarded the Gay Games in 2022.

3.  Meanwhile in Jakarta, Indonesia, where secular and Sharia law meet, the police arrested 141 gay guys in a gay gym / sauna on charges of prostitution.  Perhaps someone should politely inform them that if they're looking for Indonesian male prostitutes, they'll find them on Hong Kong Craigslist M2M pages.  New (ugly) faces every week.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

白左 : The "White Left": Screwed By The Chinese

Hey white boy.....we warned you that your political Left-leaning entitlement mentality would get you screwed in a changing world

See our posts, To The Left, To The Left 1, 2 and 3

Now, none other than Mainland Chinese are calling you out on it - brutally


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Birds (Gay Playspace) And Galaxy Sauna

Gaawwd....does FuelMix really have to write about these 2 places...??  ** sigh** OK...OK...let's get it over with:

Latest feedback from our friendly GAM-Throats-On-The-Street...


  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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To The Left, To The Left 3

Why Politically Left-Leaning Fags With The Entitlement Mentality Are Screwed In A Changing World

4.  The Lightbulb Moment
5.  Facing A Dangerous And Uncertain Future
6.  A Lack of Vision in Fagland 

4.   The Lightbulb Moment

1.   If FuelMix is correct in his observations in Parts 1 and 2, then Fagland particularly in the West, is a microcosm of a banana republic or a failed state.

2.   And how does a banana republic get by? By begging for handouts from international donors.

3.   And what do “democrats”, “socialists”, “liberals” and other left leaning pinkos promise to do? Grab the money from somebody else and give it over.

4.   And that’s music to the ears of the economically unstable, transient, sexually irresponsible, part-time hustling, drug fucked, health challenged fag (all of which are characteristics of a failed state or a crumbling ghetto - fag or nigga). Essentially, they want the freedom to live a suicidal life at somebody else’s expense.

5.   FuelMix feels the most sympathy for the intelligent, healthy,  ageing gay man who can’t afford to live anywhere else. It’s a crying shame that neither the governments nor “the community” have fully considered the implications of the single baby boomer. With Gay Ageism, the glitter of Fagland wears thin, the late nites and the feathered boas have got to go, the porn becomes predictable and he’s tired of hugging fags who smell of poppers, Calvin Klein's "Obsession" and weed.

5.  Facing A Dangerous and Uncertain Future

1.   Before any fag accuses FuelMix of  Western ghetto bashing or Asia-crowing, just remember this. It’s not how much money you can suck from the nipple of the politicians that will save Fagland. It’s how you re-arrange your thinking, your habits and your conscious actions in the face of monumental and historically unprecedented global social and financial change.  Partisan politics, biased lamestream gay media, the "village mentality" and enforced political correctness is out - and will kill you through ignorance and complacency.

2.   The geopolitical and economic split between the West and East has never been more pronounced or more dangerous. Resentment and anger are building.  The massive amounts of global fraud (and propaganda)  imposed by the Western banking elite (who are desperate to create a major war) are now apparent.

3.   Asia and the rest of the world are well aware that the West is broke and debt-ridden on a scale never before seen in history.  And that this debt simply cannot be repaid - despite the trillions dished out so far and the "creative" accounting.  The global currency and financial wars are  raging in cyberspace.  World War 3 has  begun as more countries engage in competitive devaluation while simultaneously protecting themselves from the effects of a a toxic US Dollar that - as global reserve currency - is exporting inflation to every other country.

4.   At the same time, those with half a brain are attempting to divine how this shit will play out. 
  • Will there be inflation now then hyper-inflation later.....?
  • Will there be deflation first then rapid and uncontrolled hyper-inflation.....?
  • Will there be deflation first, followed by stagflation (i.e. the economy sinks, but prices rise).....?
  • What happens when global reserve currency status fails....?  Check your history.  It's happened every time.
  • When global reserve currency status fails this time, will it happen overnight, or through a slow painful process...?
5.   So.....fags,  just which shade of government - whether Left or Right - is gonna protect you from these monumental changes that are now visible on the horizon....?  And just how much time do you have....?

6.  To assume that fags are immune to these global financial changes, is the normalcy bias that should alarm every independently thinking gay man.  Wake up faggot......the fashionable Left-leaning ideology that you wear like a charm bracelet, is a fuckin' side show.  Forget about sucking off the nipple of the state.  That is sooooo last Millennium and the Western governments are broke anyway.  All they can do is tax you.  And they will.

6.  A Lack of Vision in Fagland

1.  You want money in Fagland...? Fuck your Left-Leaning political parties where the hacks just show up for the photo-op, the fundraiser or march with big grins in the Pride Parade.  How about developing:
  • individual resiliency;
  • "community" accountability (instead of fraud, corruption, conflicts of interest, disappearing into the night); 
  • sustainable corporate entrepreneurship;
  • job creation;
  • emotional and behavioural intelligence, 
  • growth businesses based on gay demographic changes (gay housing for seniors, gay seniors education, job upgrade skills), 
  • joint ventures with property developers;
  • private equity.....;

2.  Try generating the money and sharing it. (Rather than sucking it and skimming it). Seriously.....where are the gay visionaries who can articulate a cohesive social and business template that will generate and circulate wealth....?  Hardly anyone talks about the massive wealth disparity amongst gay men. But EVERYBODY lines up for that fundraiser or dip their cock in the government guacomole.

3.  Fags are not only politically correct but overtly political, little realizing that their adherence to the left-leaning "ideology" (or any political gospel) is keeping them weak and co-dependent.  The bottom line is that the only marketable skills the average fag has are Outrage and Lobbying.

4.  Some good that's gonna do ya buddy. Looked at the horizon lately....??

Originally published 23 October 2008
Amended and Republished 7 September 2013 | 31 October 2014 | 22 May 2017

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To The Left, To The Left 2

Why Politically Left-Leaning Fags With The Entitlement Mentality Are Screwed In A Changing World

3.  Fagland's Dilemma
4.  The Lightbulb Moment
5.  Facing A Dangerous And Uncertain Future
6.  A Lack of Vision in Fagland 
3.   Fagland’s Dilemma

1.  Jobs
  1. Low to mid level service industry jobs - particularly in the West;
  2. Temporary or seasonal jobs forcing fags to combine jobs - particularly in the West;
  3. Internally transient population caused by unstable earning power - particularly in the West;
  4. Huge levels of unemployed or underemployed - particularly in the West;

2.  Demographics and Health
  1. Large chunks of population in dubious health requiring medical supervision and medication;
  2. Growing numbers of fag baby boomers approaching retirement who can’t afford to live anywhere else and who may, or may not, be in good health. Highly visible in the West now and potentially looming in Asia with years of increasing recreational drug use;

3.  Gay Ghetto Physical Infrastructure
  1. Huge shortage of gay nursing homes, retirement homes and hospices - particularly in the West; 
  2. The problem has not even been acknowledged in Asia;
  3. Large percentage of rentals vs owner occupation - particularly in the West;
  4. Slow or non existent fag-originated gentrification - particularly in the West; 
  5. Signs of urban gentrification occurring in Asia;

4.  Collapsing Gay Social Infrastructure 
  1. Crumbling fag infrastructure with constant pleas for funding outreach and social programs - particularly in the West; 
  2. Asia is developing those resources through lobbying and private funding;
  3. Desperate attempts in the West to keep up appearances – “our community”, “our village”- in the face of economic forces bigger than them - usually Hetero Yuppification, luxury (and unaffordable to the average fag) condos, mixed and more expensive bars resulting in a dilution of fag-centric diversity; All these cause resentment to the fag.  Asia appears more tolerant to evolving economic and demographic changes in the drive for upward mobility;
  4. In the West, the fag feels socially, personally, economically and politically threatened. There is pervasive paranoia and easily triggered outrage as the full extent of the economic issues and political shifts dawn on the fag;
Coming up in Part 3:

4.  The Lightbulb Moment
5.  Facing A Dangerous and Uncertain Future 
6.  A Lack of Vision in Fagland

Originally published 23 October 2008
Amended and Republished 7 September 2013 | 30 October 2014 | 22 May 2017

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To The Left, To The Left 1

Why Politically Left-Leaning Fags With The Entitlement Mentality Are Screwed In A Changing World

1.  What The Fags Say
2.  FuelMix's Theory of Fagland
3.  Fagland's Dilemma
4.  The Lightbulb Moment
5.  Facing A Dangerous And Uncertain Future
6.  Lack of Vision in Fagland 

An intriguing question about Fagland is why so many fags lean to the political left – in other words, some local variation of “socialist”, “democrat” or “liberal”.

1.  What The Fags Say

Their answers can be summarized as follows:

*Fag points to the local fag rag, itself heavily left leaning, and trots out the party line.

*Fag vilifies any party perceived as aligning too closely with the perceived right, or right of centre, or conservative, because they represent “the corporate elite”, “the developers”, “the fascists”, “those fucked up Christians” etc

*Fag makes some vague reference to the erosion of human rights (a.k.a. his right to toke and snort)

*Fag claims that funding for social programs would be reduced or terminated and they have to keep lobbying for them.

*Some peculiarly micro-fag issue that wild ghetto speculation has inflated into something ominous e.g. “You know they’re gonna ban G-strings on the Pride Float” or “You know they’re gonna shut down Thursday male stripper nite” or “You know they’re gonna put undercover cops in that cruisy toilet at the mall”

Just who “they” are is never defined, though it appears to be any candidate or institution deemed not politically pink enough.

2.   FuelMix’s Theory Of Fagland

1.   We have said elsewhere in this blog that Fagland can be a geographical area or a state of mind, or both.  In this post, Fagland refers to the geographically identifiable gay ghetto.

2.   Fagland is economically unsound. Large chunks of its population are in questionable health whether from sex, drugs, drink or all three. Their health issues are the result of their lifestyle choices. That affects their earning power.

3.   With few exceptions, (the sector catering to luxury gay tourism) large chunks of Fagland’s population are low to mid-level service industry types:
  • tiny law firms specializing in tenancy issues, immigration, crime and wills; 
  • tiny accountants and bookeeping firms;
  • retail sales staff;
  • bank clerks;
  • hair stylists;
  • flight attendants;
  • hotel and tourism front desk staff;
  • admin personnel;
  • IT contract workers;
  • Bar and restaurant staff;
  • Freelancers;
  • college students

4.   A fag might hold two or more low level or mid level jobs at the same time

5.  The low or mid level service industry jobs may be seasonal or transient. A fag may have to flit from job to job, or a series of rotating potentially dead-end jobs which they hold for years as it’s the only job security they can get.

6.   At first glance, Fagland’s purchasing power appears phenomenal. Everybody sings about The Pink Dollar. There’s no shortage of places to spend the cash: bars, cafes, restaurants, dance parties, after-parties, saunas, drugs, gay cruises and vacations, body hugging T-shirts, jeans, gym, underwear, cockrings, lube, toys, porn, organic groceries, lattes, speed dating evenings…..

7.   The reality is that the ghetto fag lives pay check to pay check. The money runs out before the month does and their spending habits are typically those of the Poor – money comes in and blows right out again on rent, groceries, gym, sex, drugs and doodah – with nothing to fall back on.

8.  A steady stream of outside fags comes to Fagland for “the lifestyle”. Often they are young, or students, or just starting out. In either case, they don’t have much earning power or much of a work history. They’ll take any job they can get preferably within easy or walking distance from Fagland so they can start spending on “the lifestyle”. What may start off as experimentation quickly becomes a financially draining addiction. Their whole world revolves around Fagland – and Fagland is only too happy to take their money. With the pressure of school, an unsteady part time job, rent and that after-party he’s been dying to go to, part time prostitution and a toe in the porn industry looks quite attractive.

8.  Of necessity, there is heavy flat sharing with constant shifting of roommates caused by unstable earning power, job relocation or personal concerns. It hardly contributes to a sense of community, but it certainly contributes to a sense of outrage. Fags have horror stories of their roommate from hell, who stole money from whom, who borrowed cash and never paid it back, who’s dealing, who trashed Jason’s 34” flat screen TV, who passed out with their head in the toilet.

Coming Up in Parts 2 and 3:

3.  Fagland's Dilemma
4.  The Lightbulb Moment
5.  Facing A Dangerous And Uncertain Future
6.  Lack of Vision in Fagland

Originally published 23 October 2008
Amended and Republished 7 September 2013 | 30 October 2014 | 22 May 2017

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Lamentations In The Sauna

"It's not fair..!!" whined the GAM in the sauna, "how come YOU get all the looks and the attention..??  Everybody is ignoring me - and the place is soooo crowded on Saturday evening...!!"

FuelMix: I'm not sure.....maybe because I look different to the others. Just a non-Chinese novelty. Maybe  they're curious. I dunno.....I'm just another customer who paid to be here.

GAM:  Hah..!!  They're NOT curious about YOU..!! They WANT you..!!  Four of them watched you when you were getting undressed....even the staff on the Reception Desk smiled at you and said in Cantonese to the other guys to look at you...!!  Did you hear that...??!!

FM: Umm... no....I wasn't listening, I was nowhere in the vicinity

GAM:  They all touch your smooth skin.....they all like your body.....they touch you when you walk by.....they follow you.....and you just smile......that young guy......he just came up to you and kissed your face...!!  You know him..??

FM: No, I don't....

GAM:  He just kissed you and smiled and walked away....!! You tell me you don't know him..??!!

FM: That's the truth.  I don't know him.  But I'm grateful he kissed me [grins].

GAM:  It's NOT fair..!!  I'm just too ugly to get noticed.  I just sit here every time I show up and feel sooo sad...!!.  Guys like you can just walk in and you do NOTHING and people notice you.

FM:  Gay men can be very cruel.  I have been ignored and rejected so many times because of my looks and my race - and not just by Asian guys.  You should see the behaviour of white guys in their own countries.

GAM:  Why are gay men so cruel..?

FM:  Because gay culture is artificial.  It is based on looks and cock size. The image of perfection is very narrowly defined.  The truth is many gay men - whatever their age -  can't get beyond appearance.  It has trapped them in two ways...Firstly, Vanity that they're sooo hot and secondly, Fear that they'll lose their looks.

GAM:  But how come YOU get action so easily..?

FM:  Because I don't care whether I get it or not.  And I don't care about the compliments.

[A Sauna staff member walks by and gives FM 2 sweets and a condom]

GAM:  You don't CARE about the compliments..??!!  But YOU get sooo many..!!  They are complimenting you right now in Cantonese and come up and tell you in English..!!  Whaddya mean you don't care..??!!  That staff guy just gave you sweets and a condom....!! He totally ignored me..!! I've NEVER seen him do that before - and I come here more often than you..!!

FM:  Look, I don't know what the motive is of that staff member and I don't care.  The trick is to politely and in a neutral way, accept the attention.  Just show some good manners.  I'll tell you a dirty men will say anything to get to your cock - and they will gossip like hell.  And that gossip can be good or malicious.  That's why I don't care because I can't control it. 

GAM:  You have an advantage because you're handsome and you have muscles.

FM:  According to whom...?  The current crowd..??  What happens if a new crowd came in and totally ignored me....what would you say to me then..??

GAM:  But I know I am ugly.....and I have no more sperm to ejaculate any more.  Nothing....I am 45 years old and I can't get hard any more and I have no more sperm. I can't cum anymore.  That's why I just sit here and feel so sad.

FM:  You should see a doctor or a sexual therapist.  As men age, their sperm counts drops and so does the amount of cum.  But that doesn't mean you can't have good sex or get hard.  If you had a physical check up and a good talk, you would understand more about your body.  You are linking getting hard with cumming.  They are separate.  There should not be anything stopping you from getting horny and performing sexually - assuming there are no other physical problems.

GAM:.....Except my ugliness.....

FM:  No comment.

GAM:  How come you know so much about gay men..?  You seem very cool and relaxed about all the attention you're getting.  Who taught you about gay men..?

FM:  Mostly my observations and thinking.  Some research, I guess...

GAM [laughs]:  You should write about what you know of gay men.  You could help people...

FM:  **rolls eyes**

See also:

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The Pink Swastika 3

And you thought the Nazis hated gays...

A review of the book, "The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party" authored by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.  The book challenges the popular notion that the Nazis were homophobic.

Summary of conclusions drawn by "The Pink Swastika" authors based on the review, The Pink Swastika And Holocaust Revisionist History, Judith A. Riesman PhD, The Institute For Media Education,  September 8, 2006

1.  Berlin was a hotbed of gay culture, gay debauchery and gay pederasty.

2.  Adolf Hitler knew and was well known to several gay men in Berlin.

3.  The Nazi party was formed in a known gay bar in Berlin.

4.  Its founding members were known to be gay and in some cases, gay and sexually violent; or gay criminal thugs.

5.  They made no attempt to hide their sexual orientation or their closeness to Hitler.

6.  The Nazis actively recruited gay men, regardless of whether they were gay and sexually violent; or gay criminal thugs.  These gay men were high-ranking officers and staff within the echelons of the Nazi party as well as the Storm Troopers and the Gestapo.

7.  Violence was condoned.

8.  There was a split in the Nazi party between the gay macho, masculine "butch" Nazis who either glorified or lived up to the ideal of the dominating Aryan male physique which was worthy of worship; and those gay men who were deemed too effeminate.

9.  With a few exceptions, it was the "effeminate" Nazi party members who were hounded, harassed or murdered by way of political assassinations.  It appears they were murdered because they knew too much about the gay origins of the Nazi party and Hitler's close relationship with known homosexuals who preyed on young boys.

10. The majority of homosexuals in Germany, estimated at several million, were not touched.  Hitler refused to go after them.

11.  Those that were rounded up were deemed "effeminate" and were sent to Work Camps, NOT the death camps where the Jews were sent.

12.  There is no evidence of wholesale removal of civil rights, travel restrictions or confiscation of homosexual property by the Nazis or persecution of those who sheltered gays.

13.  Since the Nazi party was gay (and violently gay and sexually depraved) at its very core, it was gay men who ordered and participated in sexual degradation, torture and extermination of the Jews.

14.  These facts have been deliberately hidden to portray gay men as innocent victims - whereas they were in reality, the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

FuelMix says:

1.  Hello Apocalypse........

2.  One can understand why this book is such a potential bombshell and why mainstream media and mainstream academics are ignoring it.  Yet to date, so far as we are aware, nobody has come forward to refute the detailed assertions that the authors made.

3.  From our point of view, these assertions are another example of The Apocalypse, the true meaning of which, is that which was hidden is now revealed.  It is often said that History is the diary of the victors - in other words, future generations simply get a whitewashed or wholly distorted and deliberately revisionist version of events and / or the truth.

4.  For over 70 years, gay men appear to have been lied to concerning their history in World War 2 Europe. They were not victims on the scale alleged, but the violently gay-centric Nazi party instigated mass torture and mass murder of others.

The Pink Swastika 1
The Pink Swastika 2

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Thinking Outside The Crotch

1.  Porn Studio Reverses Policy - Goes Bareback
2.  6 Truths About Faggotry
3.  5 Truths About The Gay Porn Industry
4.  Who's The Hypocrite..?

1.  Porn Studio Reverses Policy - Goes Bareback

1.  A well known gay porn studio, recently reversed its policy of requiring condoms for its "actors" and produced a hot 3-way bareback flick - supported by a Notice, a Disclaimer and a Warning.

2.  Paraphrasing from memory (FuelMix stupidly lost the link to the video): 

  • The Notice stated that the actors were rigorously screened using the latest tests for STDs and HIV;
  • The Disclaimer stated that the studio did not endorse bareback sex;
  • The Warning stated that pursuant to the testing of the actors, the barebacking scenes were filmed under strictly controlled conditions and should not be replicated - even with one's regular partner;
3.  This set tongues wagging, with Politically Correct fags rimming the same intellectual asshole.  The gist of their slobbering was that the studio sent out the wrong message, had abdicated its social responsibility,  was being hypocritical, was only barebacking for money and viewers, and creating sensationalism. 

4.  FuelMix presents an alternative view for his readers consideration:

2.  6 Truths About Faggotry
  1. Nothing beats bareback. Period
  2. There has been a resurgence in bareback sex across all age groups, but especially in the 20 somethings;
  3. Fags have done - and are doing - bareback more than they will publicly admit;
  4. Fags watch more bareback porn than they will publicly admit;
  5. Politically correct Faggotry has done a masterful job of overt Behavioural Modification. It has trained fags to feign righteous indignation or horror at the mere mention of bareback;
  6. There is a disconnect between what fags will say about bareback and what they will do;

3.  5 Truths About the Gay Porn Industry
  1. Competitive and cut-throat;
  2. No shortage of "actors" across all ages willing to bareback;
  3. Several studios openly and defiantly promote bareback. Some have done so for decades;
  4. Some studios specializing in BB will openly hire HIV+ actors;
  5. Not a single fag has called for those studios to be shut down;

4.  Who's The Hypocrite..?

1.  Who's the hypocrite? The studio for overtly reversing its policy or the fag who covertly watches BB porn and fucks bareback, but who overtly spouts the PC line?

(a)  The Notice - FuelMix has no further comment on it.

(b)  The Disclaimer - Showing BB and simultaneously saying it has not been endorsed, is NOT hyprocritical. That disclaimer is done all the time on TV Shows when a potentially controversial viewpoint is presented and the TV management airs it, but backs off from endorsing it.

There's a real distinction between what they normally do and implicitly endorse and what they will do which they explicitly will not endorse.

In other words, the controversial viewpoint, or the BB sex, is presented on an "As Is" basis.
  • Is the TV station presenting a controversial point of view to get viewers..? Yep.
  • Is the controversial BB sex presented to get viewers..? Yep.
  • Are both being done for profit..? Yep.
  • Can a controversial viewpoint aired by a TV station that had not yet done that, be as surprising as watching BB from a gay porn studio that had not done that..? Yep.
  • Do you have a choice whether to listen to a controversial viewpoint or watch BB sex..? Yep
  • In either case, does it amount to sensationalism..? Nope.
  • Does the TV station or the porn studio risk getting badmouthed or boycotted..? Yep.
  • Are they likely to completely lose their viewer base..? Nope.

(c)  The Warning - stated that pursuant to the testing of the actors, the barebacking scenes were filmed under strictly controlled conditions and should not be replicated - even with one's regular partner.

Fags got riled about this one alleging it was not strictly controlled and that the studio had no business airing BB sex and then saying it shouldn't be replicated even with one's regular partner.

Who's right?

(A) Strictly Controlled Conditions ?

1.   The culture of hedonism and instant gratification that pervades Faggotry, stands in stark contrast to anything that hints of control or regulation. It simply sticks in the fag's craw to be presented with an assertion that a personal or sexual situation is monitored.  But the same fag will have no trouble believing a TV announcement that some stunt is being done under controlled conditions and should not be tried at home.

2.   That's because large chunks of a fag's life are out of control.  A fag either drifts in complacency, bristles in denial, is too drug-fucked to care or lurches from one drama to another.  Handling an apparent truth does not come easy.

3.   A fag needs anonymous sex one way or another, whether online, on the street, in the bars or in the saunas. Very little meaningful information is said - or encouraged to be said.  Certainly far less than what would be required to complete an analysis of the latest STD testing. The " strictly controlled conditions" in a fag's anonymous sex are limited to who's Top, who's Bottom, BB or condom and who cums where.

(B) BB Not To Be Replicated - Even With A Regular Partner.. ?

That was a smart warning from the studio.

1.   A fag by definition is promiscuous. Whether it's a FuckBuddy or Friends With Benefits, chances are he has several dicks around town with whom he's had sex on more than one occasion.  Straight out of the gate, the fag has multiple regular partners -  about whose sexual history he knows nothing, other than their [fake] names.

2.   Add to that the casual acquaintances he'll play with more than once in the Steam Room or Dark Room, and the picture becomes clear: Regular does NOT mean safe.

3.   Then add those fags he knows fuck-all about but hooks up with via Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, Jackd etc

4.   Then add those fags claiming to be in a "relationship" (you know the type......"We have an open relationship, but we're emotionally faithful......" ). How many of those absolutely know what their "partner" is up to, with whom and when?  What about those hamstrung by "Don't Ask, Don't Tell....?" It may have been scrapped in the military, but it's a staple in so many gay dynamics.

5.    Then add those fags on the DownLow regularly fucking women.

6.    Then add those fags whose judgment is fucked by drugs in the heat of the moment.

7.   Therefore, not only does "Regular" NOT mean safe but the fag routinely / out of habit / out of compulsion / out of horniness / out of a lack of communication / out of a lack of honesty / out of addiction, compounds his risk - exponentially.  In other words, neither he nor his regular partner can be trusted.

8.   So.......when the studio said don't do BB even with a regular partner, they had a valid point.

9.   The only 2 occasions that BB with a regular partner might work are:
  • Both are absolutely honest and 100% monogamous and tested regularly; OR
  • Both have the same strain of HIV;

10.  Apologies to those fags who bashed the porn studio for hypocrisy, but FuelMix doesn't see anything hypocritical in what they did.  Fags, on the other hand.....

Originally published 11 February 2013
Amended and Republished 21 May 2017

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Epic Fails

Presented without further comment:

Let’s do it !!
Your pic gets mine
No endless e-mails
No timewasters
If it’s up I’m looking
If it comes to it
Sorry no Asians, just a preference
Never done this before
Str8 but curious
Drunk but horny
Come over now
Will reply if interested
Bi jock
No reciprocation necessary
Just walk in, let me drain you and go
Quickie lunchtime fun
Looking for quality guys only
Quick cummers A+
Hosting for small group fun
I’m drug free but love poppers
Swimmers build
Wife out of town, so can play
Rugby player’s build
Must be at least 7.5 inches
Have a GF so must be discreet
White guys to the front of the line!!
Just looking to mess around
6 days load of cum
Completely str8 looking, str8 acting
Hotel door will be open, I’ll be blindfolded
Read my ad carefully before replying
At the airport now

Friday, May 19, 2017

I Wanna Bang Twinks On The Side...

And other apparent nuggets of truth...

What younger gay men really think about older guys and vice versa.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Yeah I'm Straight

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FuelMix has been witnessing a procession of lame ads by so-called str8 married men – inevitably white – looking for another white so called "str8 married man", in the hope of a discreet hookup. The ad always stresses that the dude has to be a married man who is discreet. Invariably, there’s a reference to playing M2M, whenever the wife’s not around, or whenever the dude is traveling, and that the advertiser is looking for similar “bi-curious” men.

Well, OK…………

Let’s declare from the outset that both the advertiser and the person responding are latent fags. That both might sport a wedding band and carry a picture of a domesticated clit in their wallets, doesn’t change that fact.

And let’s drop that other nudge-nudge-wink-wink phrase that either or both of these “str8” men are “bi-curious”. That’s a total cop out and a desperate attempt to salvage some shred of hetero masculinity.

“Bi-curious” is what an adolescent or a twink does. Or some str8 dude who gets stoned or blind drunk in order to muster the courage to allow another dude to blow him. At best, it’s a one-off, highly occasional thing i.e. a curiosity.

What married fag 4 married fag is doing, isn’t “bi-curious”. It’s an encounter between 2 latent fags masquerading along highly specific advertised lines. At worst, it’s predicated on mutual denial. At best, both are bisexual. Where there are references to playing with men whenever the wife isn’t around, or when traveling, that isn’t “bi-curious”. That’s outright faggotry – an admitted proclivity for cock that can’t be satisfied by a substitute pussy. The dude is a closet, or intinerant fag, or both, and is looking for the same.

 The stipulation that both men must have wedding rings is no different to 2 kosher fags saying they like cock rings. Both are looking to accessorize a cock, except that the kosher fags requirement makes practical sense and yours doesn’t.

Originally published 3 April 2009
Amended and Republished 29 April 2014 | 18 March 2017 | 15 May 2017

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Galaxy Sauna 28

5th Floor, Harilela Mansion
81 Nathan Road Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong
MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui Station, Exit C
Tel: 2366 - 0629   

No website that FuelMix knows of 


12 Noon - 11pm Mondays - Sundays
(7:30pm onwards mostly empty)
Staff do NOT speak good English OR may speak some English

FuelMix has written off Galaxy.  Will not upload his reviews
(Readers may submit theirs)

"FuelMix..!!  get that muscled ass on my mouth right now..!!  I need  to tongue fuck my favourite stud puppy..!!"

Turning his head to identify the maker of that statement,  FuelMix grinned as he recognized a handsome Banana GAM in his early 40s who had diligently eaten FuelMix's ass in various locations around town.

"Thanks for the compliment..." purred FuelMix, well used to getting his ego stroked, "I can always make time for tongues that fit..!!"

GAM:  You been to Galaxy lately..?

FM:  No, why..?

GAM [turning serious]:  You might wanna dump that place.  I have a suspicion there are serious problems in its ventilation system.

FM:  What do you mean..?

GAM:  I was there a few days ago and had difficulty breathing.   I know the place looks like shit.....but I got very concerned about my ability to breathe.  I kept smelling mold everywhere.....a really moldy, fungus smell coming out of the air conditioning vents - plus large areas of dark grey mold and mildew  on the ceilings. You know, in Chinese they call it, 黴菌

FM:  What did you do..?

GAM:  The smell of mold was overwhelming - plus outside on the streets there was heavy air pollution warnings.  For the first time, I saw Galaxy through different eyes that day and honestly felt my health was at risk.  I got frightened and left after 20 minutes.  I'm not going back.

FM: You did the right thing.  Thanks for the warning.   A while back I noticed the state of the ceilings and the air conditioning.  The vents were filthy and rusted.  The place is so dilapidated it needs to be closed.

GAM:  You know what makes me angry..? That building is old and probably has Sick Building Syndrome. I know what that's like because a few years ago, I worked in an old building in Central where everybody in the office was getting sick with respiratory problems via the air conditioning system.  At first, the management wouldn't listen and then had to take notice when 15 to 20 people were calling in sick on one day with severe breathing issues and coughs.....they finally moved to a new building.

FM:  Yeah, I'm aware of Sick Building Syndrome...the fungus and mold in the ventilation system can cause Legionnaire's Disease which can be very serious.

GAM:  Exactly......and those fuckers in Galaxy are making money by keeping the place in a lousy condition with a cheap entry fee. On top of that moldy smell, as well as the mold on the walls and ceiling, people are smoking in there, which they probably shouldn't be......Somebody needs to send Government health inspectors to these fuckin' saunas.....I am convinced Galaxy is a major health risk.

  • Readers may submit reviews of gay saunas in any Asian city;
  • We reserve the right NOT to publish reviews we deem suspicious, inaccurate or self-serving;
  • FuelMix no longer gives personalized sauna advice; 
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Porn Addiction 3 : Free E-Book

6.  Free E-Book
"The Porn Circuit: Understand Your Brain And Break Porn Habits In 90 Days"

The advertising blurb for the book:

Science shows us that acting out with pornography taps into our powerful neurochemistry, and this can quickly lead a person to use porn habitually. Much like a drug, the chemicals that fire when watching porn cause the brain to increasingly crave it until eventually it can feel almost impossible to break free.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:
  • What chemicals fire during porn use
  • How sensitization, triggers, and compulsiveness turn pornography into a habit
  • Why porn is addictive
  • Why one image is never enough
  • How porn ruins sex and intimacy
  • How to find freedom from porn addiction in 90 days
The free E-Book, available from Covenant Eyes is entitled "The Porn Circuit",  and can be downloaded here. 


1.  Covenant Eyes is a multi-award winning Christian company that specializes in responsible, filtered web surfing and personal internet accountability.  What it does and how it does it, is quite impressive.

2.  We have stated in this blog several times that FuelMix has no religious or political affiliation.  We confirm that is our position.

3.  The free E-Book download of "The Porn Circuit" is given as an option to those readers who might wish to examine their web surfing habits and become more self-aware.

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Porn Addiction 2

5.  Take The Test

Answer the 17 questions below, rating them by how much you feel they apply to you from 1 to 7, where:
  • 1 = never
  • 2 = rarely
  • 3 = occasionally
  • 4 = sometimes
  • 5 = often
  • 6 = very often
  • 7 = all the time

1. I felt that porn is an important part of my life.
2. I used porn to restore the tranquillity of my feelings.
3. I felt porn caused problems in my sexual life
4. I felt that I had to watch more and more porn for satisfaction.
5. I unsuccessfully tried to reduce the amount of porn I watch.
6. I became stressed when something prevented me from watching porn.
7. I thought about how good it would be to watch porn.
8. Watching porn got rid of my negative feelings.
9. Watching porn prevented me from bringing out the best in me.
10. I felt that I needed more and more porn in order to satisfy my needs.
11. When I vowed not to watch porn any more, I could only do it for a short period of time.
12. I became agitated when I was unable to watch porn.
13. I continually planned when to watch porn.
14. I released my tension by watching porn.
15. I gradually watched more ‘extreme’ porn, because the porn I watched before was less satisfying.
16. I resisted watching porn for only a little while before I relapsed.
17. I missed porn greatly when I didn't watch it for a while

Add the scores for all the questions together. 
A score of 76 or higher suggests problematic levels of pornography use.

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Porn Addiction 1

1.  Porn Addiction Consequences
2.  Causes
3.  Symptoms Of Porn Addiction
4.  Risk Factors 
5.  Take The Test 
6.  Free E-Book 

How addicted are YOU to porn..?

Underlining, highlighting and bold print by FuelMix.

1.  Porn Addiction Consequences

Porn addiction occurs when the person viewing pornography, with or without masturbating, loses control over whether or not he/she will engage in that behavior. Porn addicts look at and use porn compulsively, despite consequences that include:

  • An inability to form lasting social and intimate romantic relationships
  • Intense feelings of depression, shame and isolation
  • Disintegration of relationships with family, friends and romantic partners
  • Loss of many hours, sometimes entire days, to porn use
  • Loss of interest in non-porn activities such as work, school, socializing, family and exercise
  • Trouble at work or in school (including reprimands and/or dismissal) related to poor performance, misuse of company/school equipment and/or public use of porn
  • Financial issues
  • Legal issues (usually related to illegal porn use)
  • Porn use combined with drug/alcohol abuse
  • Physical injury caused by compulsive masturbation
  • Sexual dysfunction with real-world partners, including erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation and an inability to reach orgasm
Sometimes, porn addicts find themselves aroused by material that once didn’t interest them or that goes against their moral values. As such, they often experience great shame about what they’re doing; this in turn leads to a secretive, highly stressful double life. For many addicts, the stress is so extreme that it can affect their physical and emotional health.

2.  Causes

In the same way that a sex addict doesn’t have sex primarily for the pleasure of the act, the porn addict doesn’t look at pornography primarily for sexual enjoyment. Instead, his/her addiction is a way to escape from stress and other forms of emotional discomfort, including the pain of psychological issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and unresolved trauma such as abuse or neglect. Alcoholics drink and drug addicts use for exactly the same reasons. So, as with other addictions, porn addicts are not looking to feel good, they want to feel less, or at least to control what they’re feeling.

As with drugs of abuse, pornography triggers a chemical response in the brain that feels pleasurable. This is fueled mostly by the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, but also by other biochemicals, such as oxytocin, adrenaline, serotonin and endorphins. Over time, porn addicts learn to abuse this naturally occurring reaction in the same way that alcoholics and drug addicts learn to abuse alcohol and drugs, intentionally triggering the pleasure response with pornography and sexual fantasy. In this way, the addict creates and uses that high as a way to avoid experiencing depression, anxiety and other stressors.

Like other addicts, porn addicts like to stay high for prolonged periods. For that reason, they’re typically much more interested in using porn to sustain their intense sexual fantasies than in reaching orgasm. In fact, for porn addicts an orgasm ends the high and catapults them back to real life, which is what they’re trying to avoid. As such, porn addicts often spends hours, sometimes even entire days, in a trance-like, zoned-out neurochemical bubble, looking at and fantasizing about porn and sexual activity without actually masturbating or having sex.

3.  Symptoms of Porn Addiction

Both men and women can become addicted to pornography. The kind of porn that each prefers tends to differ, though. Where men tend to look at purely sexualized imagery (hardcore porn), women typically prefer erotica with at least a hint of an emotional connection (such as the book Fifty Shades of Grey). Either way, the core signs of pornography addiction are similar for both men and women, typically including some combination of the following:

  • Escalating amounts of time spent on porn use, with hours and sometimes even days lost to pornography
  • Viewing progressively more intense or bizarre sexual content
  • Continued porn use despite negative consequences and/or promises made to self or others to stop using porn
  • Lying about, keeping secrets about and covering up the nature and extent of porn use
  • Anger or irritability if confronted about the nature or extent of porn use
  • Escalation from two-dimensional porn viewing to use of technology for casual, anonymous or paid-for sexual encounters, whether in-person or via Webcams


4.  Risk Factors

The factors that raise someone’s odds of developing an addiction to porn are the same as with other forms of sexual addiction (and addiction in general, for that matter). Since there’s been comparatively little research into the causes of sex and porn addiction, most health care professionals who treat sex and porn addicts tend to rely on studies looking at other types of addiction. Generally speaking, these studies show that genetic factors can increase or decrease the risk for addiction, usually by altering the ways in which a particular substance or activity is experienced in the body and brain. Genetic makeup also plays into many psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder, among others. And it’s well-known that individuals dealing with these emotionally painful issues often choose to compulsively “self-medicate” with an addictive substance or behavior.

Nevertheless, genetics are not entirely to blame. In fact, research indicates that environmental factors are equally at play. For instance, if someone was neglected or abused in childhood their risk of addiction jumps, just as it does if they were exposed to addictive substances or behaviors early in life. (The younger a person is when he or she first uses an addictive substance or starts an addictive behavior, the greater the risk of developing an addiction.) So it appears that most porn addicts become addicted thanks to a convergence of risk factors — typically a mixture of genetic predisposition, poor parenting and early and often inappropriate exposure to pornography and/or sexual activity.

-----Porn Addiction 101,


5 Take The Test

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